ANZPT Queenstown Main Event Winner an Inspiration to Players

Jonathan BredinThe ANZPT Queenstown Main Event finished up this past week and the culmination of the tournament was an inspiration to people everywhere. The event had 126 players register to compete, one of which was Jonathan Bredin.

Jonathan has cerebral palsy and is not like the average player.  In fact, he has to use an iPad that was specially created to allow him to communicate with others. He used the device to communicate during the tournament and was able to outlast the field, earning the first place finish.

As if this story was not awesome enough, Bredin also has never played in a major poker tournament. PokerNews found out that Bredin enjoys poker and has played in several smaller tournaments but never an elite game. Bredin also won the Main Event of the Queensland stop on the tour with pocket kings, the two cards he has a tattoo of, of the very same suit!

Bredin had the lead when the final day of play began and eventually the day would wind down to three players remaining. Chiu Yeung Lee was the short stack and would go down to Bredin who held A-K suited to his Q-9 suited. After Lee was eliminated, Bredin was left up against Daniel Laidlaw, who had a slight chip advantage.

Bredin would lose a chunk of his stack only to double up some time later and then the final hand would go down. The blinds sat at 20,000/40,000 and Bredin opened up on the button with 80,000. Laidlaw called and then went all in with close to 700,000. Bredin turned over pocket Kings and called with Laidlaw showing A-Q suited. The flop showed 3-K-J giving Bredin trips and Ladilaw a gut shot straight draw. A queen on the turn and an 8 on the river gave Bredin the much deserved win!

Bredin plans on using the money he earned from the tournament to purchase a new car which would be designed to help him get around due to his disability. He also will continue playing poker live and stated he will compete in APPT and ANZPT events.

Final Results:

1st Jonathan Bredin $93,600
2nd Daniel Laidlaw $59,550
3rd Chiu Yeung Lee $34,900
4th Raj Ramakrishnan $28,900
5th Jon Pierre Narbey $23,800
6th Ricky Kroesen $19,550
7th Colin Carpenter $16,150
8th Daniel Neilson $12,750
9th Michael Chon $10,200



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