The Government of Macau Will Not Delay Casino Tender?

Macau has been actively preparing for a new tender that will take place in 2022, and its government plans to stay on the course and not make any additional delays regarding this issue. The first delay happened recently when the government extended the licenses of two casino operators in order to accumulate a total of six of them to expire in 2022. Regulators were hoping that the government will extend their licenses once again, but it seems that the year of 2022 is the definite one.


The main reason why two regulators got their licenses extended is since the government did not know how to approach the tender process separately and simply wanted to do it all together for the six casino regulators. There is still some confusion, however, when it comes to how the entire process will work out, as it seems that neither the casinos nor the government have a definite plan at the moment.

What Did Fernando Chui Say?

However, the Chief Executive of Macau, Fernando Chui, decided to say a couple of words on the matter. According to him, the new tender process for the licence concessions will begin as soon as the old licenses expire in 2022. Since they managed to postpone the tender for MGM China and SJM Holdings, they now have plenty of time to prepare everything well and make a public tender which will result in a renewal process.

Chi made a speech in front of the Legislative Assembly of Macau and said that he thought that the Macau government had met all conditions to start a public tender, but that the process required internal work and certain modifications to legislation. In other words, he said that there is still a couple of things that need to be done before everything is completely ready for the tender. On the other hand, he added that they had enough time to do everything according to plan since 2022 is still not near.

Nevertheless, all the details about the tender process are still kept secret. At first, regulators were afraid that they would have to undergo a completely new bidding process, but it seems that the government excluded that idea. In other words, it is predicted that the six regulators will remain in the city with their licenses extended.

Moreover, the talks about eliminating satellite casinos in the city (or at least limiting their number in some way) were also present for some time, but nobody actually confirmed that, so it is highly unlikely that it will happen.

One thing is certain – Macau wants to pivot from being a gambling destination that attracts high rollers to a more diversified destination for all kinds of tourists, including families and solo travelers. Therefore, the government is going to start implementing changes and working towards opening up a wide variety of entertainment facilities for all types of tourists.

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