MegaMillions Sold for $425 Million on January 1

It seems that nobody had an opportunity to celebrate the New Year as millionaires, as no person managed to guess the numbers that were drawn on the last draw of 2018 in MegaMillions lottery game. After that, the final prize for the next draw grew to $425 million. The drawing of the numbers happened last Friday and there was no match for all six numbers.


The next draw happened yesterday, and it seems that despite going into the New Year as an ordinary person, somebody turned multi-millionaire on the first day of 2019. According to the Mega Millions website, one person managed to win a total of $425, while several others won at least $1 million after managing to match all the numbers except for the Mega Ball.

The numbers that were drawn yesterday were 34, 44, 57, 62, and 70. Furthermore, the Mega Ball that made all the difference and gave the world another multi-millionaire is 14.

If you played MegaMillions you probably know that the sum won on January 1 is not a common thing to see. The history of this game saw bigger numbers, but the amount of $425 million is not small, you’ll agree. In fact, this is the eighth-biggest jackpot that has ever been won.

All we know so far is that the person who won the lottery jackpot lives in New York. However, they wanted to remain anonymous. Still, one thing is certain – the year of 2019 will be their year and they will be able to afford things they have always dreamed off.

We will all agree that the New Year began with an amazing jackpot, but let’s just rewind three months backwards to the time when something miraculous happened – the biggest jackpot ever was one to a lucky winner from South Carolina. The person who had won the jackpot became richer for an amazing amount of $1.537 billion on October 23, 2018. The difference between this jackpot and the second biggest one is huge, as the second one was ‘only’ $656 million that was split between three winners from Maryland, Kansas, and Illinois.

What is even more interesting is that four out of the top ten jackpots were won in 2018. This tells us that MegaMillions has grown increasingly popular in the previous year and that people started investing in this type of entertainment much more than usual. If things continue to develop as they have been since the beginning of 2018, we will have even more successful year ahead of US and MegaMillions will definitely produce several millionaires. If you are feeling lucky and think that you have a chance to win the main prize, you should definitely try betting with your lucky numbers and hope for the best. Even if you don’t feel as lucky, you can always play for fun and maybe wake up as a millionaire one day.

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