Hellinikon Project Operator Choice Delayed by Greece

Greece has been very serious about building its first ever casino resort, which would be the first of its kind in mainland Europe. They dubbed the project Hellinikon and have been actively working on putting things to action. At the moment, the country is waiting for all interesting gambling operators to submit their applications if they are interested in running this project. The deadline for applications is set to be June 28, meaning that they effectively have less than ten days to do so. However, the issue here is that Greek lawmakers did not really decide which date would be the final deadline for deciding who would win in the application process.


Greece’s Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, stated that that the date which was originally set of the election process to take place, which was July 7, will most likely be delayed.

Kathimerini, which is a local media outlet of Greece, stated that there are too many things happening in the Greek government at the moment, including the fact that Tsipras’ term as the PM is coming to an end. He has only four months left and the government will dissolve a week before that. Given that the economy of this country has been quite shaky recently, politicians will look forward to grabbing every possible vote from the people first, and leave all the other activities — including the Hellinikon project — aside.

The problem with the Hellinikon project is that it has already been a subject to a couple of delays. The entire resort is estimated to cost approximately $1 billion in order to be completed entirely. It is planned to be built in the place of the former Ellinikon International Airport. Furthermore, the bidding process has been already delayed two times, with the previous application submission deadline being May 31. Zoning problems and issues with the government are, so far, considered the main reason behind these delays. At the moment, June 28 seems like a final date when the process will end and make room for the new chapter to begin, according to this article.

The Political Background

Some sources claim that SYRIZA, which is a radical left coalition, has been the behind stalling the Hellinikon project. The party is made of a lot of leftist parties and organizations who share communist ideals, with Tsipras being its leader. Some believe that he has been intentionally prolonging the Hellinikon project but that it was somehow contradictory to his previous actions.

If Greece manages to overcome some of its problems, both political and economical, it will be able to move one with the Hellinikon project as well. Once a certain gambling operator wins a license in this country, it will be active for 30 years. All bidders will need to have a history of successfully facilitating gaming operations around the world.

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