China Is Responsible for Revenue in Macau and Could Affect Europe

China has been one of the biggest players on the world’s stage and its actions often affect other countries, as well as many provinces that are part of China. Naturally, the Asian country doesn’t want intentionally to hurt areas such as Macau, but it turns out that it was just collateral of the trade war between China and the US.

Simply put, once America and China started imposing various taxes on each other, Macau, as a part of China, has suffered, especially because many US casino operators run businesses there. However, it seems that Macau is not going to be the only place affected by the trade war and other China’s actions. As a matter of fact, this could impact the European gaming market as well, according to an analyst.

One of the partners at a UK-based consultancy company called Regulus Partners, Paul Leyland, stated at the KPMG Gaming eSummit that took place in Malta that China would try and put pressure on the EU, as well as its iGaming industry. During his presentation, which took place a couple of days ago, the analyst stated that China was going to put a lot of pressure in the days to come. Simply put, the EU is also a big Chinese economic partner, and China’s lawmakers really don’t like the idea of online gambling. Therefore, they would pressure the EU into re-thinking their view of online gambling (and gambling in general).

China’s Impact on the European Gaming Market

According to Leyland, [] China hasn’t really been a fan of any kind of gambling, as they have been seizing millions of dollars and arresting thousands of people who ran unregulated land-based casinos. Apart from dealing with gambling inside its borders, China has been actively working on persuading other countries in Asia to give up on running gambling-related businesses. One of the countries that actually obeyed China is Cambodia, which promised to stop issuing licenses for online casinos.

One of the countries that have developed online gaming is the Philippines, which suffers a lot of pressure to change the regulations regarding this industry. However, the Philippines has been doing pretty well and refuse to give up on their idea of further developing the online gambling market.

Leyland said that there was a “huge channel shift in Asian markets.” Many countries in Asia are shifting away from the traditional type of casino gaming in land-based casinos and turning to online gambling.

China is a big player, and its legislators simply don’t have a positive attitude towards gambling. As the country continues to expand its worldwide influence, many countries would probably feel the same pressure that the Philippines is currently experiencing. The question that we all should ask is this — is there a possibility for the US gambling market to suffer from China’s influence or is it immune? Well, it takes a very good analyst to answer that question.

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