Louisiana State Representative to Analyze Online Gambling Options

As more states begin to either legalize online gambling or look into the option, even more states begin talks on the subject. The latest to jump on the online bandwagon is Louisiana. Representative Mike Huval has asked the Senate Committee on Judiciary as well as the House Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice to take a look at online gambling legislation.

Duval would like to see reports turned in before 2014 so the state could possibly have legislation on the table. Huval commented that the state of Louisiana has the potential to benefit by legalized online gaming on an economical level. The state has already benefited from almost a quarter of a century from gaming options so online gambling is the next logical step.

According to a report by Pokerfuse, Huval pointed out that several committees and officials will be offering input such as the governor of the state, the state police gaming division, the gaming industry, the Louisiana Gaming Control Board and more. However, to offer online gaming options, the state would have to overturn the fact that any gambling on a computer is illegal in the state and has been so since 1997.

Huval stated that since 1997 when the particular legislation was passed, there have been several websites to exist that allow citizens of the state to play online gaming activities. He also pointed out that since the late 1990s technology has evolved and gaming options are more readily available for a computer or a mobile device.

With New Jersey, Delaware and Nevada already in the mix and other states like California, New York and Illinois joining in, it makes sense for Louisiana to try and offer online gambling options as well. The state already has around two dozen casinos and online options would just give players even more opportunity to enjoy their favorite casino games. It will be interesting to see where the various committees are on the subject and if any type of legislation will be created soon in the state.

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