What You Want From Slots

July 23, 2010 LadyHoldem 0

Knowing what you personally want from a slot machine is the very first thing a player should determine before choosing which online casino they’ll be using, and furthermore, which slot machine they’ll be playing on. [….]

Classic Slots

July 23, 2010 LadyHoldem 0

As the online casino world has grown, so has the variety of games on offer, and this is particularly true in the world of online slots. Just like in the standard ‘bricks and mortar’ casinos, [….]

80% of Poker Players Abuse Drugs

June 11, 2010 LadyHoldem 0

A recent study concludes that 4 out of 5 poker players use to their advantage a number of illicit as well as legal drugs to better their chances of winning. The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) [….]

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