80% of Poker Players Abuse Drugs

A recent study concludes that 4 out of 5 poker players use to their advantage a number of illicit as well as legal drugs to better their chances of winning.

The Nova Southeastern University (NSU) researchers observed that together with energy drinks, caffeine, and guarana, players of various skill level and throughout the world are using cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, as well as a variety of prescription medications, such as Valium, to improve their chances at the game.

The competitive advantage of these drugs is best explained by their mechanism for producing higher alert, focus, and other nervous system boosts. This is obviously a crucial benefit when it comes to poker tournaments, which often last numerous hours.

The study took place online as a survey of various players from Europe, Asia, and North America as well as on-location in Las Vegas during the World Series of Poker tournament,

The survey participants were mostly 20 year-old males, and most of them were playing no-limit Texas hold ’em poker.

Approximately three-quarters of the players admitted to abusing a certain substance or some drug or substance for enhanced concentration, while about a quarter stated they they wished to relax themselves, improve memory or avoid feeling tired.

The study was published at the Psychiatric & Neurologic Pharmacists annual meeting in San Antonio.

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