Tracking Poker Results, the Secret to Success!

Tracking your money as a poker player is a vital part of the game and perhaps the biggest unshared secret of professional poker players. Tracking your cash is paramount to a successful long-run poker player. It allows them to have an overview of their spending.

It will give them an objective perspective of their game, allowing them to adapt and improve their poker game. Keeping track of the results is one trait you will find amongst all professional and successful poker players.

The most crucial reason successful poker players keep tabs on their results is to provide detailed insight into how much they have spent. It allows them to track their wins and losses and help find a specific time and games and limit their most efficiency, so they get the most out of the time spent playing.

With a few simple notes, it is possible for players to keep track and manage their Bankrolls. Note the money you are bringing to the table, how many rebuy-ins were made during that one session, keep track of how long you have played, and what your cash-out amount adds up to. This will allow you to quickly know your win rate and overall results by having those few numbers alone, which will help you tremendously along the way.

Remembering the Good and the Bad

What separates good from great is the ability to remember the losses just as much as the wins. Most players will only want to reminisce about the good times and the big successes, but that is a mindset that will keep them in the average poker player. Being disciplined and keeping track of all your results will allow you to change strategies appropriately and accordingly, depending on their game is being played. Bankroll management is essential for long-term success as a poker player, which means remembering the bad and the good.

What to Know When it Comes To Tracking Results

Keeping track of every hand that is played during a game might not sound reasonable if you sit at a live game table.; However, it would be best to take notes as soon as you’re done playing while everything is still fresh in your mind. If you are playing online, it is entirely reasonable to keep notes in real-time. Tracking everything that has caught your eye regarding your place patterns or tendencies.

Here are a few things you will want to include in your notes:

  • Anything that you find relevant regarding doesn’t play pattern and tendencies
  • Record any hands that you believe you played well
  • Make a detailed list of your successes
  • Make a detailed of your failures

Making a list of your successes will help you turn your game around. If you find yourself on one of those inevitable losing streaks, keeping that detailed list of your failures will help you make the same mistakes twice.

If you do not have the software to track your results, it is possible to do it manually. The best way is to create an Excel spreadsheet. That covers all crucial information like by and data. Time spent playing, money won, and money lost at each session. Practicing this technique will make you more efficient and create detailed long-term reports without much effort.

The Final Thoughts

The main goal when tracking your poker games results is to provide a reasonable oversight of information that allows you to manage your bankroll. Keeping detailed notes of each game will ensure that you don’t forget the losses and only remember the wins. Tracking poker results is what separates successful poker players from average poker players.

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