Pro-Casino Group Clashes with Seminole Interests in Florida

Florida has become the site of continuous clashes between pro-gambling groups and conservative interest groups, which are leaning towards discontinuing gambling in the state. Nevertheless, gambling will undoubtedly remain in Florida. The questions as to how and who will continue to have control are still unanswered.  

On Monday, a pro-casino group sponsored by Las Vegas Sands (LVS) decided to withdraw from their outspoken resistance over Seminole-supported campaigns. This resistance has targeted new casino proposals to modify state law favoring the decentralization over casino ownership and opening a new offer of games and gambling dynamics throughout the state. 

These latest events have brought countless effects to the state of Florida, to its residents, and all parties involved in the Casino business. Unfortunately, significant decisions over Casino reforms seem to be headed to the ballot with no clarity about how any open topics will turn out.  

Seminole Casino Control On Alert 

The Seminole’s compact with the Florida State Government has continued to firmly hold against any significant modifications. Yet, the Seminole have done their part to keep it this way. It’s believed the tribe has made some important contributions to a series of PACs that have pushed against all decisions intended to modify current Casino and gambling regulations. 

The tribe has allegedly contributed a total of $25 million to various PACs that have stood against pro-casino groups, which have challenged Seminole’s compact terms. Standing Up For Florida is the first PAC to which the Seminole have donated a total of $15 million to speak on behalf of conservative sides to push any significant decisions away from the ballot. 

Voters In Control is another PAC for which Seminole Gaming, a division of the Seminole tribe overseeing their interest in major gaming topics, granted a total of $10 million to support manifestations and campaigns to limit pro-casino groups. The Seminole will go a long way to protect their interests and control over Florida Casino ownership rights. 

Pro-Casino Groups Push for 2022 Ballot

Efforts are slowly decaying, and pro-casino groups are losing the fight. The LVS-sponsored group and its withdrawal from pushing in favor of casino decisions being voted on in the 2022 ballot have delivered a clear statement – efforts to modify the compact slightly are not sufficient. 

Even if the claim that Seminoles were paying groups in charge of gathering voters’ signatures to leave the state before February 1 is ultimately valid, there seems to be little or nothing pro-casino groups can do. The minimum number of signatures needed to push the call to the ballots is 891,589. So far, pro-casino campaigns report a total of 173,451 valid signatures as of Monday. 

Sportsbooks such as FanDuel and DraftKings have also contributed their donation to campaigns that have pushed for decisions to be taken to the 2022 ballot. Still, it appears that their contributions, amounting to approximately $40 million, might fall short of pushing for a quick turn of events, and pro-casino groups, as well as other sportsbooks, will have to delay their business interests in Florida for just a bit longer.

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