Palms Poker Room Drops Rake to $1, Major Promos Added

Palms Casino - VegasThere are new daily promotions spread by the poker room at Palms in Las Vegas.  The rake has been redistributed to return more value back to players and take less for the house.

Half-Hour $25 High Hands

Each live game has its own $25 high hand every 30 minutes.  The dealer will pay the best hand during his down when leaving the table.  The winning hand must be at least a full house to qualify.  Only one card must be used.  A hand that qualifies for “Natural High Hand Bonuses” (described below) will not qualify for the half-hour high hand promo.

Natural High Hand Bonuses

A player that makes four of a kind or better will receive a high hand bonus.  There will also be splash pots based on the hand.  Four of a kind must include a pocket pair.  Straight flushes and royal flushes must use both hole cards.

  • Four of a kind – $100 + two-$25 splash pots
  • Straight flush – $200 + four-$25 splash pots
  • Royal Flush – $350 + four-$50 splash pots

Cracked Aces

A player that loses pocket aces will receive $100 if losing to a player that uses both hole cards.  The prize doubles if both aces are the same color.  A player receives just half of the prize if losing pocket aces to a hand using just one card.

Splash Pots

There are three splash pots per hour between 9:25AM and 10:50PM daily.  The Bravo Poker system will randomly select a table at 25 minutes after the hour that receives a $25 splash pot.  A table will also be picked at 50 minutes after the hour.  That table will have back-to-back $25 splash pots.

Set over Set Bonus

There is a $300 prize for a player that loses a set to another set.  The bonus is void if the winning set becomes a full house or quads.  A straight or flush winning also disqualifies the hand for a bonus.  A set is defined as a pocket pair with a card of the same rank on the board.

2-6 Spread Limit Prizes Reduced

The 2-6 Spread Limit Texas Hold’em game generally pays 50 percent of the promotional value when making high hands.  All players should make sure to check the promotional material available at the poker desk for the terms and conditions.

New Games

Palms dropped its 1/3 No Limit Texas Hold’em game down to 1/2 blinds during 2013.  The game has now been bumped back up to 1/3 blinds.  A 4-10 spread limit game has also been introduced.

New Rake Structure

The Palms poker room dropped its poker rake to $1 for all cash games.  The poker room now takes a 10 percent up to $4 promotional rake.  This $5 total drop is typical for Las Vegas poker rooms.  The difference is that most rooms would take $4 for the house and $1 for promotions.  This means only 20 percent of the drop is paid back to players at these rooms.  At Palms, 80 percent of the drop is returned to the players.

Operated by Cantor Gaming

The Palms poker room is operated by Cantor Gaming.  The company is better known as a large sports book company that operates betting shops in many Las Vegas resorts.  The Palms poker room is surrounded by the sports book.  This gives poker players a great seat to watch the games with betting windows just a few steps away.

One drawback of the room is the lack of action.  Players may find just a handful of games, even during peak hours.  Management is hoping these new promotions will change that.

Palms does not spread poker tournaments at this time.

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