Oldest Standing Casino Haunted By Monroe and Sinatra

Marilyn MonroeIf you have ever been to the Cal-Neva Casino or have ever looked it up, you may not assume that is of much importance. While it appears pleasant to the eyes, this historic landmark does not seem to fit the bill of a haunted casino, but it does have all the right key points to make an excellent story. But is it really all just a story? Or is there more to it then a spooky tale?

The Cal-Neva is currently the oldest standing casino within the entire United States. And until being forced out of ownership, Frank Sinatra himself owned the Cal-Neva. “Ol’ Blue Eyes” had his dream casino taken away from him due to alleged affiliations with some organized crime though many disbelieved this affiliation truly existed.

When the Cal-Neva was first built back in 1926 it was an illegal gambling operation but within a few years, the Cal-Neva received their casino license, which was one of the first issued ever.

When Sinatra bought the casino in the 1960’s, guests such as the Kennedy’s and Miss Marilyn Monroe would frequent the establishment. It has been said that Robert Kennedy and Marilyn spent a lot of time together hidden away.

After closing their doors for three years during the 1980’s, a lot changed when they reopened besides having a new owner. There are many ghostly appearances that have been spotted in the hallways. One of the most well known ghosts is said to be that of a weeping Marilyn Monroe. And all through the secret tunnel that lies on the grounds is the well-loved Frank himself.

Many guests and employees have spotted these spirits. Are they just a figure of their imaginations? A permanent but unintelligent energy mark on our universe, or are they the souls of those gone before us trying to hold onto to a past that was dear to them?

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