New York Residents Support New Casinos and Slam Bills Stadium Plan

New York Residents Support New Casinos and Slam Bills Stadium Plan

A New York College, the Siena College Research Institute released a poll on Monday that indicates that most voters support the state’s decision to offer three local casinos gaming licenses. It found that 46 percent of voters that it surveyed approved the plan while 35 percent oppose it. About 13 percent of the participants in the poll were in a dilemma regarding the downstate casinos and 6 percent didn’t have an opinion.

The institute surveyed 806 voters in the state from Monday to Thursday last week and the poll had a 3.9 percent margin of error. The casinos have strong support in the New York City region.

About half of the voters that the research institute surveyed support New York’s move and 28 percent oppose it. Also, the poll supports it in the suburbs by a 49-36 margin.

Governor Kathy Hochul’s administration and New York legislature decided to add the downstate casinos’ licenses in this month’s budget that the lawmakers approved. They hastened to issue the licenses by one year.

Proponents claim that the agreement will enable the construction and hospitality industries in the New York City area to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic. Besides, the state is likely to award the licenses in July with each license earning it $500 million or more. It will have seven commercial legal casinos once it does so.

Democrats and Men Make Up Most of Downstate Casinos’ Supporters

The Siena College Research Institute’s poll discovered that the number of Democrats backing the state’s plans is higher than that of Independents and Republicans. Also, more men support it than women.

About 52 percent of Democrats support the casinos while 31 percent oppose them. Close to 41 percent of Republicans support the plan while 35 percent oppose it and 39 percent of Independents back the casinos while 40 percent oppose them. Liberals in the region have a 49-32 margin as moderates have a 50-31 margin.

Men support the plan by a 54-33 margin and women have a 39-37 margin. About 52 percent of Latinos and 56 percent of black voters support the casinos.

Voters Slam the Bills Stadium Plan As Hochul Defends It

Most voters opposed New York’s plan to contribute $600 million out of $1.4 billion for the Buffalo Bills stadium project. But Gov. Hochul defended the plan on Monday despite struggling with voters before the June 28 Democratic governor’s primary.

Less than 25 percent of voters approve the funding. They include 18 percent of upstate residents. The plan includes an extra $250 million from the local county.

The governor informed reporters at the Kleinhans Music Hall that she feels the deal will benefit taxpayers. Political analysts regard the poll as a precise reflection of the public’s opinion about the state’s policymaking. They are doubting the benefits that publicly-funded stadiums have on New York’s economy.

Hochul stated that she doesn’t believe this is going on if the poll is tested yet her administration has invested billions of dollars in East Side Access tunnels and Penn Station. She claims that the state has different interests, and she will stand by Western New Yorkers’ identity.

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