Marriott International Gets Permit to Open a Pop-up Casino at the Beach in Vegas

Marriott International has been granted permission to operate temporarily at the closed nightclub, the Beach. This permit allows the firm to offer casino gaming between 6 a.m. and 2 p.m. on Tuesday, May 23, 2023.

Originally, Nevada would issue unrestricted gaming licenses. This culture stopped in the 1990s.

One of the firms that had this type of license is Marriott International, for its nightclub that closed in 2006. Despite the closing, the firm is required by county regulations to open a pop-up casino every 18 months if it wants to retain its unrestricted operating license. As usual, Marriott will open the pop-up casino to the public, and offer 16 slot machines in a tent erected on its site.

It is Time for a Future Plan

This is the 10th time Marriott is opening a pop-up casino. The hotel company always opens the casino at 365 Convention Center Drive, close to Paradise Road. According to the Nevada Gaming Commission, opening a pop-up casino is no longer a solution.

The commission has warned Marriott about opening a pop-up casino every 18 months to retain its gaming license. The commission told the hotel company`s attorney, Dennis Neilander, that the company needs to show some type of commitment or plan about its gaming license.

Marriott runs five hotels close to the Beach. The firm plans to combine these hotels to create a resort and possibly include gaming.

Responding to the gaming commission, Neilander said that Marriott already had a plan. He explained that the Coronavirus pandemic and slow economic recovery contributed to the delays in the company plan for the gaming license.

Neilander also disclosed that he could not give more information about it as Marriott had a non-disclosure agreement with a developer. However, this was not enough to get the gaming commission off Marriott`s back. Rosa Solis-Rainey reaffirmed her warning that Marriott had to do something other than host pop-up casinos.

Before It was the Beach

The site hosting the Beach struggles to see any successful operation. It started in 1979 when Deville, a New Orleans-themed casino opened at the site. The structure was already up but Frank Carroll, the then-owner, could not get an operating license.
Frank had to sell the property to Irving Brand, a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Unfortunately, the company could not get an operating license either.

In 1992, two brothers opened a racing bookie called Sport of Kings. The luck was not on these brothers either as they had to close the facility seven months later because they did not have enough capital to run it.

Then came the first man-made beach in Vegas two years later. The beach was developed using imported sand. It created a unique excitement as people were happy about a nightclub off the Strip.

Unfortunately, the excitement could not last a lifetime. In 2006, the Beach had to close.

For now, Marriott International has a unanimous vote to host a pop-up casino on the Beach. The firm has another 18 months to act on a future plan as warned by the gaming commission or host another pop-up casino upon approval.

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