Macau’s Quality of Service Marked as Average

Macau is one of the most popular casino areas in the world, which is visited by millions of people from all over the world. Everyone who likes the lights of casinos and great casino games will have a blast in Macau. However, if you are looking for a great service in casinos, you cannot expect that in Macau according to the Gaming Service Index (MGCI). They state that the service of casinos in Macau is “mediocre” and has significantly dropped down when compared to the service of the casinos during the last year.


The Macau gaming service index was decided when the MGCI analyzed data from the researchers who present themselves as “mystery shoppers.” The whole research lasted for as long as ten months and begun sometime after January 2018. According to the report, the quality of casinos located in Cotai was, on average, better than the quality of the casino service in Macau which is supposed to top all the charts. The researchers made their conclusions by visiting all fifteen casinos in the city from all six operators. They played games there and enjoyed all the casino activities in order to rate their services.

The quality index of casino service in Macau was 2.29 in October and November. That index was 2.37 for the same period of 2017, which shows a significant drop in the quality. The index is rated from 0 being the worst possible service to 3.5 being the best possible service.

The MGCI does all the research through their Macau Gaming Research Association which is administered by SGS Hong Kong Limited. This company uses the researches which are undercover and rates staff in all 15 casinos in Macau. These people are judged according to several criteria such as tolerance, proactive attitude, their smile, and more. Although these criteria is a bit vague, there is still room to make some general conclusions. For example, tolerance is defined as the level of patience of the staff when they interact with customers.

There are seven types of services which were a part of the research, and they are membership desk, the cage, the table games dealers, slot machine attendants, shuttle bus service, security, and cloakrooms. The final marks are separated by areas – two of them, to be precise. One is Cotai, and the other one includes all downtown casinos.

When it comes to the attitude, smile, and tolerance, Cotai had a better score than the downtown venues. The dealers of table games in both areas have dropped with the quality of their service from 2.27 to 1.87, which is a huge drop. They are smiling a lot less than the previous year. The index of smiling declined from 0.84 to 0.59. Therefore, if pleasant and smiling dealers is what you are looking for in Macau, you might be up for a slight surprise.

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