Honest Cab Driver Earns $10K For Returning Poker Players Missing Cash

WSOP-Money-BraceletA hot news item for the past couple of days involves a cab driver and $300,000 of missing poker cash. A poker player, who remains a mystery, apparently left $300,000 of tournament winnings in the back of a Las Vegas cab. The poker player thought his money was lost for good, I mean who returns $300,000? But the honest cab driver returned every bill and now has earned a nice reward for his good deed.

Gerardo Gamboa has worked with the Yellow Checker Star Company as a taxi driver for many years. The cab driver was handed a bag that was left in the back seat of his car by a hotel employee passenger. Gamboa has found many items over the years as a cab driver and figured the bag contained some sort of chocolate. His curiosity got the best of him and after opening the bag he found stacks of $100 bills that equaled $300,000.

The cab driver called his dispatcher and wanted to try and return the money to give cab drivers a good name. The money was given to the office of the company and the police were contacted. Investigators as well as the casino in which Gamboa had dropped off a patron, worked together to determine who the player was that left his cash.

The cash was then returned to the rightful owner. There is no news as to who the player is but we do know that the cab driver of thirty two years was handsomely rewarded. Gamboa met with the poker player in a private meeting today and was given $10,000. Gamboa was of course grateful for the reward but stated that he did not care if the money he found was $10 or more, as his dignity is not for sale. This was definitely a great deed and the honest cab driver was rightfully rewarded.



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