The Banning of Google Glass Already a Reality in Some Casinos

Google GlassA few months ago, 4Flush brought you a story about the potential fallout from Google’s innovative new product, Google Glass.

For those of you not familiar with the tech world, Google Glass is an eyewear product that allows the user to take pictures and videos in real time, along with get directions and even get answers to questions in real-time through the voice feature embedded into the glasses themselves.

The product itself is quite the innovation. With a light, streamlined design it looks like any normal pair of glasses.  However, features like real-time video and the ability to take pictures via Google Glass in the casino itself have B&M establishments across several states very worried about potential cheating.

So worried, actually, that bans of the eyewear have already been put in place at casinos in Las Vegas, Ohio, Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement has already issued a directive to Atlantic City’s 12 casinos regarding Google Glass, basically telling management they must ask anyone wearing these glasses to remove them and ban ANYONE who refuses to do so, plain and simple.

A quote from the Miami Herald has David Rebuck (director of the aforementioned NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement) saying the following regarding the controversial product:

“If these eyeglasses were worn during a poker game, they could be used to broadcast a patron’s hand to a confederate or otherwise be used in a collusive manner…even if the glasses had not been used for cheating…their presence at a gaming table would lead to the perception that something untoward could be occurring, thereby undermining public confidence in the integrity of gaming.”

It may be only a matter of time before it’s standard protocol for ALL casinos to follow similar initiatives if Google Glass gains traction down the road in the eyes of consumers.


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