Get Your Free Bonus Money With Some Key Casino Promotions

RollerCasino and their £1m Bet

RollerCasino is a recently launched real-money mobile app that the online casino, Paddy Power, has been marketing. The RollerCasino mobile app was designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPad and their respective users, so as a way to market this great new mobile casino, Paddy Power has been promoting a Facebook competition in order to launch this app to greatness. The whole competition centers on giving one lucky person the chance to become an instant millionaire. The lucky bettor will be given one spin on a roulette wheel, where they will be able to lay down a £1m bet on whatever they want.

For those that are interested in this amazing competition, the RollerCasino app is free to download at the Apple App Store, and will need to check up on the Facebook page. Paddy Power has made it so that the Facebook page has tons of clues and hints, such as a high-definition image that bettors can search for different symbols and icons, which hold the clues. Bettors need to check daily as there may be different symbols being posted.

By the end, the gamblers will be invited to identify at least 35 out of the 40 symbols in order to get through to the final challenge, and then on to their chance of becoming an instant millionaire. The final challenge is where players will need to come up with the most entertaining reason as to why they should get to place the £1m bet. Do not hesitate, download the RollerCasino and start looking at the Paddy Power Facebook page for your chance to enter and win.

Mansion Casino ‘Crack the Code’ Bonus

The online casino, Mansion Casino, currently has an on-going promotion called Crack The Code. Anyone that enjoys playing online casino games and wishes to make their experience a little more challenging, this will be the promotion for you. This is an opt-in promotion, so players will need to request to join and be part of it at Mansion. The main purpose behind this promotion is for players to hit a specific points target that are determined by the Mansion Casino.

When the casino gives each player a certain points target, they must achieve this within a certain period of time, or before the promotion is set to end; the ‘Crack the Code’ promotion will end on December 9. For those players that do end up meeting the points target will receive a bonus in the form of a safe, which will unlock and the players will get their bonus. In order to earn points, casino players can accomplish this by playing any casino game, which will add towards their specific target total.

As the players join and play at MansionCasino, they must check their inbox in order to uncover what their mission is, the specific target they must meet, and continue to check up on the weekly updates. As mentioned before, this promotion will run until December 9, so players must accomplish their mission before then if they hope to unlock the safe and receive their free bonus.

This is a great way to engage the players, and since players receive points for playing the casino games at Mansion Casino anyway, gamblers should take advantage of the fact that they could get a big bonus as an added perk. Online casinos are certainly making it worth the players’ time to continue enjoying their games.

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