Georgia Officials to Begin Study of Casino Gaming

While many states such as California and Pennsylvania are looking into online casino and poker game play, there are still individual states that do not offer land based casino gaming. One of which is the state of Georgia. It was just announced this week that officials of the state will begin discussing casino gaming with a study on the subject, with meetings to be held in September.

Two meetings have now been scheduled for the state in which lawmakers will meet to discuss the option of land-based casino gaming. The meetings will be hosted by the Senate Preservation of the HOPE Scholarship Program Study Committee and will take place on September 14th and 15th. After the meetings, the study report will have to be turned in by the 1st of December.

The state of Georgia does not have any land-based casinos presently but MGM Resorts International has shown interest in creating a casino resort in Atlanta with a price tag of $1 billion. The facility should be able to create more than 3,000 jobs, which would certainly help the area. Even though the state does not provide casino gaming they do have online options for lottery ticket sales which is only available in a few states.

In support of casino gaming in the state, State Representative Ron Stephens, has introduced a bill hoping to move the process along. In March, Stephens introduced the HB 677 bill which would allow for the construction of as many as six land-based casinos in the state. The bill would also create regulations and licensing policies.

Even if the meetings and study goes well in the state, it would still be some time before any legislation could be passed into law. The bill by Stephens could be back on the table in the House by 2016, however the Governor of the state, Nathan Deal, is not too keen on expanding gambling options within the state.




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