Georgia Casino Bill Committee Vote Cancelled

The state of Georgia has been considering casino gaming for some time now, with legislation proposed by Senator Brandon Beach due to be voted on this week. However, the Senate Committee vote would be cancelled last minute which leaves the sponsor scrambling to make changes in the hopes that the bill will be considered in the near future.

Beach had already made changes to the measure in the hopes that it would move past the Committee and be voted on within the full Senate. The cancelation of the Committee vote puts a damper on Beach’s plans as the bill be dead if it is not voted on by this Tuesday.

The details of the bill have changed quite a bit from when the measure was first proposed by Senator Beach. The bill began as a way to assist the HOPE Scholarship fund of the state and has now been changed to offer even more for the state.

The new casino bill promises to provide 30% of tax revenues from casino gaming towards the HOPE program. An additional 30% will be provided for needs-based college scholarships while 30% more will be divided in half and used for rural health care and trauma centers.

Known as Senate Bill 79, the measure would allow for two casinos to be created in Georgia. One would be located in a county that has 900,000 or more, which essentially would be near Atlanta, while the other could be created in a county where the population is at least 250,000.

Senator Beach is hoping that a vote will take place by Monday on the measure and feels that he has the ability to gain enough support to see a positive outcome. It will be interesting to see if the Senator’s efforts will be able to continue if a vote does take place next week and just how much support is behind the measure.

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