Gamblers in Nevada Now Must Wear Masks

When the casinos started reopening in Nevada on June 4, the Nevada Gaming Control Board suggested that visitors should wear masks while inside these properties. However, all pictures and videos from the opening weekend in Vegas suggested that people were not really keen on wearing any kind of protection.

That’s why the NGCB had to update its safety protocols with new guidelines, and one of them is that many visitors will have to wear face coverings.

The new rules are outlined in a document that’s eight pages long, and it mostly consists of procedures that operators have to follow to make casinos safer. However, the mandatory mask section also applies to visitors.

Before this update was made, only staff were required to wear face protection, which was optional for visitors.

However, from Thursday, casinos had to offer masks to all players who wanted to take part in table and card games in casinos. Moreover, casinos need to place signs that will notify guests that they have to wear face masks when they sit at the poker table or any other casino game that is not slots.

Speaking of slots, guests will not have to wear any protection while playing this type of game. However, they will still have to pay attention to other social distancing guidelines inside casinos.

Markazi Posts Video on Twitter

One of the things that made many officials unhappy was pictures and videos posted on social media, showing a complete lack of social distancing in casinos. Rumor has it that the Governor of Nevada, Steve Sisolak, saw the video and was not happy with it.

One of the most notable videos was posted by Arash Markazi, which shows the interior of a Las Vegas casino where patrons aren’t paying attention to social distancing at all. Naturally, many users on social media were enraged by this, and the Nevada Gaming Control Board had to act quickly and come up with stricter measures to ensure that the spread of the coronavirus is minimal.

The Chairwoman of the NGCB, Sandra Douglass Morgan, said for CDC Gaming that regulators weren’t really excited about the lack of social distancing in casinos in the Silver State. She stated that social distancing was “not where (we) want it to be.”

Moreover, she added that they wanted casinos “to strongly encourage patrons to wear masks.”

Many properties in Vegas are still closed, as they are still working on safety and health measures to ensure that the spread of the coronavirus is minimal (preferably non-existent). However, the majority of them will probably reopen before the Fourth of July as the biggest influx of visitors is expected during that weekend.

Las Vegas is coming back to life, and it’s up to casinos and regulators to make sure that everyone stays safe and healthy while having fun at the Entertainment Capital of the World. This is a difficult task, but one they have to do to return to the former glory.

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