Facebook Bans Online Gambling Advertisements

Facebook is a popular online social networking site where people can keep in touch with friends, in fact, if you’re not familiar with the site, check it out the next time you crawl out from underneath of your rock. The sites popular in large due to the ability it gives ppl on the web to  find old friends and network with people in their career field, share photo’s with their families, play silly games like Zynga Poker, and just, enjoy a few hours on the Internet.

The site is also bombarded with various advertisements which keep the site in business. Facebook recently announced they are taking the necessary steps to remove gambling advertising from their website.

Facebook will be removing all forms of online gambling advertising including: bingo, sportsbooks, poker and casinos. Oddly enough Facebook has many applications that are casino games that people can play, though they are free for members to enjoy.

However Facebook is not only banning online gambling advertisements. The social networking site released a list of around twenty topics that will be banned. This includes spy cameras, firearms, tobacco, gambling uncertified pharmaceuticals, pyramid schemes and nudity, among many others.

The goal of Facebook banning these topics of advertisement is to protect their online community by implementing this censorship, according to a recent press release. According to one report, an executive of Facebook found that Bing was providing underage Facebook users were being provided with x-rated content. To prevent this from happening in the future, the site has decided to block all forms of adult entertainment from Facebook.

Even though the site is blocking the advertisements, businesses including online casino operators will be able to create groups, fan pages and Facebook pages to be able to stay in contact with fans and players. It will be interesting to see if Facebook will take further measures to ban online gambling content or if these recent changes will be the only changes made.

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  1. Gee, that’s some really well-targeted advertising algorithms they have there at FB if they can’t figure out that someone is underaged or not interested in gaming but getting casino adds anyway.

  2. I’m not sure how I feel about this. Not that we’re allowed to gamble online in the United States anyway, but would it be fair to remove those and still allow casinos to advertise if they so choose?

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