A Two-Decade Old Murder Case Solved With Casino Footage

Wheels of justice grind slow but grind fine, and such is the case with a murder that happened 21 years ago. The state of Washington had an unsolved murder on its place, and it seemed that many have given up on looking for the solution.

However, casino surveillance footage that was kept locked away in a police station suddenly saw the light once again, and it seems that the murderer has finally been found. A man called Phan Kim Seng, who is a retired car salesperson, will have to appear in court very soon, as he is currently held responsible for the murder.

According to a report from the Seattle Times, a person named Nguyet “Anna” Nguyen suddenly went missing more than 20 years ago, after she decided to leave her home, which was in West Seattle. She actually went to visit her fiancé, and that was the last time anyone saw her.

Various investigations have been conducted ever since, and no evidence was found. However, despite the lack of evidence, the Sheriff’s Office of King County decided to center the investigation on the former boyfriend of Nguyen, Phan Kim Seng.

Two decades later, a detective was very intrigued by the case and decided to reopen it. He started gathering evidence and digging through the old ones. One of the pieces of evidence was more than 300 hours of video that was recorded by the surveillance cameras of a casino located in Tukwila, Wash.

The video was confiscated as possible evidence back when Nguyen disappeared, but it seems that nobody bothered going through 300 hours of video in order to find out more about the case. However, technology nowadays allows us to quickly review footage and let special software detect peculiarities.

A Missing Link

After reviewing the footage carefully, the detective found the missing link that was needed to tie Seng to Nguyen. Apparently, after Nguyen disappeared, her 1994 Acura was found in front of a casino. Having reviewed the footage, the detective spotted that Seng was also in the casino during her time of disappearance.

To make matters worse, Seng stated that he hadn’t been near the casino at the time of Nguyen’s disappearance. However, his face is clearly visible in the footage, which means that he wasn’t exactly telling the truth to the police.

However, that is not the only piece of evidence that put Seng into the murderer’s role. He also used bank cards that belonged to Nguyen and her mother, and Seng’s brother stated that Seng asked him to provide a false alibi.

The last thing that made Seng more than suspicious is the fact that he had been arrested two months before Nguyen disappeared for an attempt to strangle her. Moreover, there is proof that Seng had a conflict with Nguyen’s fiance.

When all of these things are taken into account, it seems that Seng is probably going to be charged with murder after more than two decades.

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