Texans Defense means Bears Loss

It was all of the hype during the 10th week of the regular season of the NFL when the two teams with the best defenses were going to face each other. The Houston Texans had a long journey all the way to Chicago, where they were set to face the Bears on their home turf. NFL fans were waiting in anticipation to see which team would come out victorious. In the end, the Texans defeated the Bears in a very fearsome display of defensive prowess 13 – 6. The very low score can be attributed to each of the team’s defenses, which were on the money during the Sunday night’s game.

Both teams were plagued by turnovers, but the Bears suffered worse from the ailment. The Bears, unable to hold the ball after gaining possession early on in the 1st quarter due to a fumble, led to the Texans first score of the night; with a 20-yard field goal by Shayne Graham. Other than that, the 1st quarter showed just what happens when two great defenses play each other. The start of the 2nd quarter gave the Bears fans some hope. An interception by Tim Jennings led to a scoring drive, where Robbie Gould got an impressive 51-yard field goal.

Half way through the 2nd quarter, the Texans were able to score a touchdown, with a short pass from quarterback Matt Schaub to Arian Foster, with an impressive diving catch right on the goal line. With just under 3 minutes left to play in the half, the Bears and especially their quarterback Jay Cutler would get hit hard. With Cutler being forced to run forwards out of the pocket, he threw the ball to Devin Hester, but was hit extremely hard by Tim Dobbins. It appeared to be a direct hit to Cutlers helmet. After that extremely hard hit, Cutler would play for a couple of minutes more to end the half before the ultimate decision to take him out of the game would happen. He left the field with a concussion and two interceptions by the Texan defense.

The 3rd quarter would not get any better, a lot of turnovers as well. Houston defense had Tim Dobbins, Bradie James, and J.J. Watt all over the Bear offense. The same thing also happened to the Texan offense, with Bears Charles Tillman and Brian Urlacher at the front, and Tim Jennings in the back, getting interceptions and deflecting passes. With the Bears last possession of the 3rd quarter they would score another field goal from 24 yards, leaving the score at 10 – 6.

The start of the 4th quarter led to the only sack against Matt Schaub during the entire game. With plenty of turnovers, the Texans were able to get a scoring drive during the minute 6 of the 4th quarter, with another field goal by Shayne Graham of 42 yards. With less than 3 minutes to play, the Texans defense was highly motivated and very efficient at keeping the Bears offense under control, leading to the Bears second loss of the regular season.

It certainly was an impressive display from both football teams. Matt Schaub was able to throw for 1 touchdown and 95 yards, while running back Arian Foster was able to break triple digits with 104 rushing yards. Jay Cutler left the game with 40 yards, 2 interceptions, and a concussion, but back-up quarterback Jason Campbell was able to throw for 94 yards, just shy of Cutlers. Both of these quarterbacks aimed for Brandon Marshall, who had 107 receiving yards. Both teams had a lot of turnovers, as they were unable to get that many third-down conversions. Ultimately the Texans prevailed, but it was a hard fought and earned victory. It would not be surprising to see these two teams play each other in the Super Bowl.

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