NHL Skeptical But Positive About Legalizing Sports Betting in the US

A game changing legislation decision in the iGaming universe was enacted on Monday the 14th when the Supreme Court legitimized sports gambling across the United States.

The decision to lift the Veto on sport betting throughout the USA will provide a major economic boost for different states, and potential to make sports leagues lots of money. In fact, moment after the great ruling, the National Hockey League’s (NHL) has already noticed the serious monetary side of the ruling.

Decision Can Help Develop Interest in Sports

Sam Carchidi of the Inquirer in a report stated that Washington Capitals’ tycoon Ted Leonsis believes that this ruling will help to develop an interest in sports.

“Legalized sports betting will change the face of sports fandom for the better,” Ted Leonsis noted. “It will bring fans closer to the game ramping up the action in each minute and creating more intensity,” he continued to state.

There is a Major Concern

One major issue concerning the latest law is that the players might have easier access to different wagers on games. However, Ron Hextall, Flyers General Major, informed Carchidi that this will not happen.

“I can’t imagine it is going to have any effect on our players,” Ron noted. “They go out and play hockey. We have good people, so I can’t imagine that it will affect them at all,” he continued.

NHL Released Their Statement

After the court had pronounced itself, the NHL released their statement regarding the latest change to sports betting in the United States.

The statement read in part that the NHL, just like other sports leagues in America, is venturing into unchartered waters. It continued to read that while this ruling offers an opportunity for the leagues to make lots of cash, local books might eventually run into the same problem Las Vegas encountered with the Golden Knights.

Despite the fact that the team has been a tremendous asset to the society, sports books in Nevada have been affected by their own kind of “Vegas flu.”

“Future wagers on the golden knights to win it all are the biggest liability ever,” the vice president of race & sports operations, Jay Kornegay, informed Jesse Granger from the Las Vegas Sun at the Westgate Las Vegas Superbook.

NHL the Most Hesitant when Cashing

Through his twitter account, Darren Rovell noted that NHL is one of the most hesitant leagues when it comes to cashing on lawful sports betting. So while the MLB and NBA are on one side of the spectrum, it is highly unlikely that NHL will feel the same effects as other sports leagues in the United States.

The outcome of the latest ruling will be felt shortly as the initial wagers could be placed within a fortnight of the decision. While the league acceptance isn’t expected to occur any time soon, the initial reports from the directors provide a positive view surrounding the changes to sports betting and the NHL. All we can do for now is to wait and see the way it unfolds.

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