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In the world of sports gambling, the Super Bowl is the pinnacle event in which every player, from occasional weekend warrior bettors to the sharpest touts, are placing their hard-earned cash on the biggest spectacle in sports today.

Every year, the Super Bowl is by far the most heavily wagered on sporting event in the world. In fact, just one year ago, Super Bowl 50 was wagered on more than any other Super Bowl in the history of the NFL, with an estimated $132.5 million in wagers being placed on the event at sportsbooks around the world.

Which Super Bowl Bets Will Be the Most Popular?

This year’s match-up between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons will likely eclipse last year’s record setting mark after by the time all the action is tallied up before kickoff on February 5th.

The most common type of wager on the Super Bowl is the side pick against the spread (“ATS”). There’s also going to be a ton of action on “Game Totals” and the “Moneyline.” While many players will opt to play the more basic types of wagers, the side or the total, there’s plenty more ways for you to profit off the Super Bowl.

If you’re someone who is a leisurely fan without much of a grasp on the specific variables and information that it takes to place strategic wagers, your best bet is sticking with the side or total. It’s two of the least complicated kinds of wagers, and offers a fine payout.

Super Bowl Prop Bets

For the experienced bettors who think they have their finger on the pulse of the two teams, you can look into more creative ways of wagering, particularly in the way of prop bets. These prop bets vary from very specific statistical achievements by players to how many times an announcer will say a phrase.

They can certainly get a little bit ridiculous, but with the right information and experience, you can always find a few locks in the prop bet wagers that Vegas puts out. In case you’re unsure of the side or the total, placing a wager on a prop bet is also a way for you to focus your wager on a player, instead of the two teams themselves.

According to world-renowned sports handicapper Jon Price, “prop bets on the game have almost become bigger than the game itself.” That quote was pulled from a Forbes interview he did not too long ago, as Price currently runs one of the most successful sports betting services in the industry today and is definitely someone who has never shied away from the public in regards to his winning acumen.

Popular Super Bowl LI Prop Bets and Odds

Another added bonus of the prop bets are the odds and payouts for these kinds of wagers. Every year, people make headlines with certain prop bets on the Super Bowl, with some good – and some not so good – results.

Looking to this year’s Super Bowl, here’s a few of the interesting prop wagers available from sportsbooks and are ones that the aforementioned Price and his company are looking at quite intently for the big game:

Odds of 13/1 that Kickoff or punt return for TD.

Odds of 5/1 that both teams’ quarterbacks throwing for 300+ yards.

Odds of 8/3 that the teams combine to break the record for most points scored in a Super Bowl.

Odds of 7/3 that the teams combine to break the record for most TDs scored in a Super Bowl.

Odds of 5/1 that the teams combine to break the record for most yards gained in a Super Bowl.

Odds of 3/1 that a play gets overturned by a review challenge.

Odds of 99/1 that the electricity will go out in the stadium during the game (this is a fun one considering props like this became all too real a few seasons ago in a SB featuring the 49ers and Ravens)

With many people expecting this game to be a fast-paced, offensive shootout, some of these prop bets regarding big offensive numbers may be a smart investment. That said, Bill Belichick can slow down anyone when you give him and his staff two weeks to prepare.

In addition to placing your money on these prop wagers, you can also maximize your winnings by parlaying one or a few together to really get the biggest bang for your buck.

With this year’s Super Bowl being expected to set a new record for the absurd amount of money wagered on it worldwide, it’s your chance to get in on a piece of the pie. No better way to enjoy the Super Bowl while having something riding on the line. Check out your own sportsbooks and what prop bets they’re offering and make this Super Bowl count.

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