iPhoneAPPSNevada is the only state where it is legal to bet on single sporting events.  Parlays, teasers, and futures wagers are also allowed.  Nevada will keep its monopoly for as long as the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act is still law.

Nevada sports bettors do not have to venture into a sportsbook to make a bet.  Mobile apps and websites have been licensed by the Nevada Gaming Commission since 2010.

Players can visit a sportsbook to make a deposit and then wager anywhere in Nevada where there is cell phone service.  Local taverns have kiosks that accept deposits from players that do not wish to deal with the hassle of visiting a full service casino.

Nevada sports apps are available for Android and iOS devices.  While these work on tablets, the device must have cell service to be compatible with location verification methods that ensure that the player is located in Nevada.  This will exclude most devices that are not cell phones.

Major Las Vegas Strip casinos have yet to embrace mobile betting.  MGM, Caesars, Wynn and Treasure Island do not offer sports betting outside of their sportsbooks.  Mobile betting is only offered by locals’ casinos and larger companies that specialize in operating sportsbooks.

Mobile sports bettors do not need to be Nevada residents.  Players must be 21 years of age or older, possess a valid ID, and have a Social Security Number to open an account and make a deposit or withdrawal.  Players must be located in Nevada at the time of wager or the wager attempt will fail.

CG Technologies

CG Technologies is the company that was once known as Cantor Gaming.  It operates sportsbooks in several major properties that do not want to operate a book.  These resorts include Venetian, Palms, Tropicana, and M Resort.  Players may deposit and withdrawal at any CG sportsbook.  The minimum deposit is $100.

CG Technologies offers a wide range of betting.  In addition to standard sports, the company offers in-play betting for events that are live.  CG Technologies is known for taking serious action and not backing off winning players.  Android and iPhones are compatible with CG Technologies’ sports app.

Station Casinos

Station Casinos offers Sports Connection.  It is the only Nevada sportsbook to offer betting over the Internet.  Its website is Sportsconnection.com.  It also offers a mobile app for iPhones and Android devices.  Players must open an account in person at a Station Casinos’ sportsbook.  The minimum deposit is $100.  Players must make all deposits and withdrawals at the sportsbook that is used to open an account.

William Hill

William Hill is the most convenient of all Nevada sports apps.  That is because players can make deposits at dozens of local taverns.  These include PT’s Pubs.  Deposits are accepted through kiosks located in the bar.

Players will need to receive a players card from the bartender before opening an account in this way.  Accounts may also be opened in person at any William Hill sportsbook in Nevada.  The minimum deposit and bet is just $5.

There was a time that players could also withdraw from the tavern kiosks.  This was outlawed in 2013.  Players must now go to a William Hill sportsbook to receive winnings.

William Hill’s sports app is compatible with Android and iPhone devices.  It spreads virtually any sport players will want to bet.  This includes live event wagering.

Nevada Sports Books

Nevada Sports Books is an app offered by several Clark County casinos.  South Point, Rampart, Cannery and Eastside Cannery use this app.  The Virgin River Casino in Mesquite also uses the Nevada Sports Books app.  The app is identical to the one used by William Hill, though players cannot make transactions at William Hill books or kiosks.

Players must create an account in person at one of these sportsbooks.  The minimum deposit is $100.  The associated website is NVSportsbooks.com.

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