Beating Low Limit No Limit Hold’em Cash Games

For all you grinders just starting a bankroll, let’s discuss a few points on how to beat the low limit no limit cash games online.  The games at this level are surprisingly mixed with new poker players who can and will draw out on you, and multi-tabling sharks that play 10 tables at a time and grind out $50 an hour while playing low limit poker and clearing bonuses.

There are few adjustments that need to made to your game, regardless of your level of experience.

Low Limit Poker Strategy: Don’t Bluff

Bluffing works, and it’s very profitable but not at this level.  A key concept in using a bluff in no limit hold’em is relying on your opponent being good enough to fold his hand.  When you’re grinding it out in  the micro no limit games, you cannot do this profitably except for rare situations,  very rare situations. The likeliness of your opponent folding a bad hand is not great.

Cash poker games are not like tournaments where you need to steal blinds and antes just to survive.  In these games, we are looking to buy in with the maximum allowed stack and wait patiently for the nuts (the best possible poker hand)  and someone who will pay it off.  Thank you for your whole stack sir, fish again.

Low Limit Poker Strategy: Play Post Flop Poker

Keep in mind, you will run into a lot of people limping in with big hands.  Ace King and high pocket pairs like Aces or Queens. All of these hands will be limped a lot both by beginners who are afraid to broadcast the strength of their hand, and more experienced players looking to trap you.  While I don’t encourage limping with these hands myself, I definately don’t over commit to them pre-flop either.

Knowing the large range of hands I will be called with, I prefer to put in “value-raises” of 2.5 x the big blind with big hands and see where the cards fall before putting them on a hand to continue the action on later streets.

You can and should fold JJ and QQ, or AK AQ after missing a flop, it simply depends on the reads you make.  The exception to this style of play is that if you hold KK or AA, you should  raise AT LEAST 4 times the big blind.  It is also okay to open shove all in with hands like this, you never know who will wake up and call behind you with a pocket pair of fives!

If you feel you have the best hand, but aren’t quite sure or know that your opponent will call to the river on a strong draw, don’t be afraid to use a small value bet or even check the flop to see if the draw hits.  Using the turn to extract value instead of the flop helps insure you won’t be semi-bluff shoved all in by an opponent with a 30% draw that may or may not hit.  After the turn, you can evaluate your odds to win much easier by seeing how it may or may not have improved your opponents hand.

These poker tables are a gind and you should treat them as such, for the most part you need to play very tight poker and wait for 80% or greater edges to get your money in with, this will help your bankroll grow at a steady pace without big risks and with the added benefit of clearing your first bonus.  Players who can multi-table four or more of these low limit cash game tables  find that it is easier to play tight poker as they don’t get “bored” as easy.

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