Missing 2+2 Lock Poker Banner Ads a Cause For Worry?

Lock Poker UPDATE: As of 1 pm EST today it looks like Lock Poker has paid up their past bill and the banners are back.  Proceed with your sad faces everyone.

After checking out my favorite poker forum over at 2+2 this evening it looks as something that once was an annoying constant is well, finally gone.  For the time being, at least (*fingers crossed*).

Lock Poker, already a fan favorite in my personal Hall of Fail, seems to have either forgotten to pay their 2+2 advertisement bills or are just giving up altogether on having a more “visual” presence at the extremely popular poker site.

Obviously these ads don’t come cheap; however, the exposure that they provide poker sites is unmeasurable.  In fact, sites like Carbon Poker have steadily competed with Lock over ad space on the forum since Black Friday.

So why now?  Why are they just giving up on their banner presence at 2+2?

As a few members have already speculated here (or even here) it looks as if sinking ship known as Lock is once again trying to confuse the poker community even more than they already have in the past 6 months.  Not like there’s not already a multitude of reasons to gripe about Lock Poker…

I mean from the delayed cashouts for USA players that have taken in upwards of 10 weeks to get processed, or the fact that ROW players are experiencing similar cashout frames isn’t enough, should it be time to start to worry just a little that the money train is somewhat backed up at Lock?

With the banner ad bill not being paid I think I’m more inclined to be concerned that management just might not care anymore.  Either about their players or possibly even their own reputation as an online poker room.

Marketing director Shane Bridges and CEO Jennifer Larson have made it pretty clear that their job descriptions don’t consist of having to answer to their players.

Both have done stellar jobs at ignoring important questions that are constantly being brought up on their own sponsored forum at 2+2, including speculation that Lock Poker doesn’t even fully own Revolution Gaming (formerly the Cake Poker Network).

It may not seem like a big situation now, but it’s the small things like pulling the plug on valuable banner space that makes players wonder if there are indeed certain liquidity issues at Lock Poker….

Or maybe they’re just hoarding their cash to instead sign an unneeded 72nd “Lock Pro” member?


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