Dutch Boyd Is Quietly Having a Great WSOP; Which Shouldn’t Be a Surprise

220px-DutchBoydDutch Boyd won his third career World Series of Poker bracelet on Tuesday evening, triumphing in Event #33, a $1,000 No limit Holdem tournament.

The win was Boyd’s fourth cash at the 2014 WSOP, and while he is one of the most unpopular figures from the Internet poker era, you have to give Dutch his due; he has a pretty good track record at the WSOP over the years, and especially this go round.

I’ll also take most of the credit for his 2014 performance as he has an 11th place finish and a 1st place finish (with about $300,000 in winnings) since I wished him luck after reviewing his book.

The 2+2 lawsuit

Before I get into Dutch’s WSOP achievements I want to touch on what this win means for him at this stage of his life, especially after the most recent controversy he found himself entangled in.

Dutch was sued (and lost) by 2+2’s Mason Malmuth for what amounted to cybersquatting after registering the domain name twoplustwopoker.com (which is eerily similar to twoplustwo.com) that left Dutch on the hook for a $60,000 settlement –$30,000 legal settlement and another $30,000 in attorney’s fees.

Dutch has publicly stated he’d like to settle the debt and put this behind him, but like most of us he simply doesn’t have a spare $60,000 in his pocket to do so… but he might now.

It will be interesting to see if Mason Malmuth will receive some portion of Dutch’s winnings, or perhaps all of his winnings depending on how much of himself Dutch had in the event, and what the laws are regarding wage garnishment, as rumor has it that Mason filed a garnishment writ against Dutch, so his winnings may be withheld at the cage.

I spoke to Dutch recently and asked him about the lawsuit (specifically why it wasn’t mentioned in his book Poker Tilt) and he had this to say:

“Mostly I didn’t mention it because it’s very tilting. I’ve already said quite a bit about it on 2+2 and interviews with Bluff and Poker Listings. It sucks that Mason decided to spend a small fortune on attorney’s fees over a perceived slight. I’m trying to make the best of the situation, but there’s not really a silver lining to it… unless you count the idea that the whole ordeal convinced me that I made the right decision to not pursue a legal career.”

Dutch has been extremely vocal in his criticism of Mason Malmuth all along for bringing the lawsuit (although there are two sides to every story) including a recent interview with Bluff Magazine where he made several disparaging remarks about the 2+2 owner:


I also asked Dutch about his current life plans, and if his impressive 2014 WSOP continues he may be able to settle the suit and get started on a new chapter in his life:

“Right now, I’m really just trying to make a comfortable life for my girlfriend and myself. I’d like to start a family, get healthcare, have a little money in the bank, not have to sweat rent. Maybe this summer, that will all come with a big tourney score. After the Series, I’m hoping to get back into coding with an actual 9-to-5 here in the #vegastech scene.”

Even if Dutch only has about 30% of himself at the 2014 WSOP he may be able to payoff Mason Malmuth, or at least take a serious chunk out of what he owes, and if he can find another big score this year who knows what the future has in store for Dutch Boyd?

Dutch at the WSOP

Back to the crux of today’s column.

In 2003 Dutch finished 12th in the WSOP Main Event, and since his notorious run during the Moneymaker Main Event he has amassed another 27 WSOP cashes (that’s 28 total in case you don’t want to do the math), including eight final tables, three WSOP Main Event cashes (including his 2003 cash), and three bracelets.

All-in-all, Dutch has been one of the better WSOP performers over the past decade or so.

Perhaps the most impressive part of Dutch’s WSOP performances over the years is his ability to play a lot of different games. All of his bracelets have come in No limit Holdem tournaments, but he also has a runner-up finish in a Razz event, finished 11th in a HORSE tournament this year, and has final tables in PLO, 7-Stud hi-lo/O8 mix, and 7-Stud hi-lo.


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