Zynga Poker Launches the First Game in 14 Years

Zynga Poker Launches the First Game in 14 Years

Zynga is a popular app that offers free-to-play poker games. Since its launch 14 years ago, the poker app has never added a new game. But, it seems that Zynga is changing that by adding Short Deck Hold ’em to the platform.

Short Deck is a popular poker variant, especially in high-stakes games. The variant is yet to gain popularity in the low-stakes poker games in the USA. The Short Deck is highly promoted by Phil Ivey and Tom Dwan, who are poker pros.

With the addition of the Short Deck Hold’em on the Zynga platform, its popularity is predicted to spike. Zynga Poker is celebrating its 15th year since it launched.

More About Short Deck Hold’em

Dwan and Ivey have been playing Short Deck Hold’em for a long time. Therefore, they have the edge over other players.

The two poker pros have learned about every concept of the game. For example, they know that the elementary goal is to play the variant like No-Limit Hold’em minus the 2-5 cards in the Deck. There are more differences.

For example, the hand ranking is different. In the Short Deck Hold’em, rankings start with a high card, followed by a pair, two pair, straight, three of a kind, full house, flush, four of a kind, straight flush, and royal flush.

The changes in hand ranking result from the changes in the winning probability following the removal of 2-5 cards. This means that it is more likely to hit a full house than a flush in the Short Deck Hold’em. On the other hand, it would be easier to hit a flush in no-limit hold’em than the full house.

Ace is an adaptable card, just like in no-limit hold’em. Players can use it as a high or low card to create a straight.

The Short Deck Hold’em begins with players getting two cards facing down. Players can then create a five-card hand with the two cards and the three from the five common cards on the table.

Usually, pro bettors go for a suited J-10 for preflop over pocket aces. Considering it is easier to make straights and two pairs in this variant than in No-Limit Hold’em, it makes sense why they choose J-10. Moreover, it is even easier to get these hands with connectors over pocket pairs.

Access Short Deck Hold’em

Talking about the Short Deck Hold’em, Zynga Poker product manager Malhar Singh said the game was action-packed. He noted that it takes some ideals from the traditional no-limit hold-em without the 2-5 cards on the Deck. Malhar explained that the game would not be automatically available on the Zynga poker app.

Singh said the game is available in-game for a short time. He said players would easily join the game’s table after unlocking Level 5. Players will enter the game in the main lobby, where they can choose their stakes and automatically join a table to begin playing.

Singh also noted that most poker players were not familiar with the poker variant. Luckily, the game comes with special tips and personalized assistance for a player’s first game.

This will encourage new players to try the game. After that, Short Deck Hold’em will run as usual.

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