WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship – Donald Maloney Wins!

Donald Maloney managed to win the World Poker Tour Borgata $3,500 Championship and win a total of $487,874 over the weekend. The event lasted for five days, and Maloney had to fight his way through. However, it was all worth it in the end as the Glendale, Ariz. native had an opportunity to celebrate such a big cash prize.

What many of his opponents perhaps did not know is that Maloney is not new to big competitions. However, he did not gain a competitive spirit by playing poker but rather playing hockey, as he is a former hockey player. In fact, Maloney did not hesitate to share his thoughts on the victory, his past, and his future.

He stated that the two biggest passions in his life were definitely hockey and poker. The thing with hockey is that many players get injuries and must make a pause in their careers, and that happened with Maloney.

He said that he would like to get back into hockey some time in the future, but that he had to recover from injuries which he had gained by playing the sport. Moreover, he added that if he didn’t get back to playing hockey, he would definitely get back to being in the business as a team manager.

The tournament lasted for five days, which is a lot of time for playing poker. Players lose focus on the third day, let alone the fourth and the fifth one. Six players returned for the fifth day, and when three of them were left, they decided to make a deal in order to speed the things up. At one point, the three remaining players all moved in blind in order to wrap up the tournament, and Maloney ended up a winner.

The winner stated that the last hand they played had been very exciting. He claimed that all the players sitting at the table at that point had been so exhausted that they decided to bring the competition to an end.

They just didn’t want to play anymore and just wanted it to be over. Maloney simply had the best luck at that point and ended up winning the final prize.

The Final Table

A total of six players were at the final table. The first one to hit the rail was Victor Ramdin from the Bronx, NY, who managed to win a total of $130,000. He was followed by Jerry Maher from Warren, NJ, for $171,386. Fourth place was occupied by Dave Farah from Fairfield, NJ. Farah managed to win a total of $227,077.

The three remaining players were Kevin Albers from Milford, Mich., Uke Dauti from Stanhope, NJ, and Maloney. When the three players made a deal and went all-in on the last hand, their prizes were split accordingly. Albers was third, and he won $378,664. Dauti ended up second, earning $464,338.

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