Ultimate Bet’s First Ever Online Poker Bad Beat Jackpot Won!

UltimateBet PokerThe first ever UltimateBet Bad Beat Jackpot was hit this week and 343 Texas Holdem poker players has reason to celebrate.

The online poker jackpot of $112, 885.50 was hit Sept. 26th when quad jacks were beat by a straight flush at a $.25/$.50 Texas Holdem poker table.

Like most bad beat jackpots, the loser (quad jacks) got $36, 678.03, the winner (straight flush) won the pot and $18,339.01. The other four players seating at this 6-max table also won $1,000. The biggest difference in Ultimate Bet’s bad beat and everyone else’s is that the 337 other online poker players who were playing at UB’s $.25/$.50 bad beat tables shared $18,000.

The bad beat jackpot is triggered when a player sitting at special bad beat tables lose a hand holding quad eights or better. At UB, 65% of the progressive jackpot is divided among the online poker players, 25% remains for the next jackpot and 10% goes to UltimateBet for administrative fees.

Those are very similar to most all bad beat jackpots, where Ultimate Bet set’s itself apart is that all players seated at a bad beat jackpot table featuring the same table limit and game type of the players that hit the jackpot, share in the bonanza. In this case it was all players at the $.25/$.50 bad beat tables.

To qualify for the Bad Beat Jackpot, you have to play at the tables categorized in red text in the lobby. At the table $.50 is collected in addition to the rake and placed in a progressive jackpot. Try your luck at the unique bad beat jackpot at UltimateBet Poker, the only home of Pineapple Poker online.

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