Todd Brunson Pokes a bit of fun at the UIGEA

Todd Brunson on UIGEATodd Brunson asks when the United States will stop their attempts at forcing their morals on the American general public with the UIGEA. Pointing out that prohibition didn’t go over real well. After all here we are with our drink, and their tax, happy, and drunk if we wanna be all around.

Pointing out a few numbers, Brunson asks of the US politicians “plan to throw 100 million Americans in jail?.” and explains, to the politicians that obviously don’t get it, that our politicians are in place to protect us, and our rights, not take those rights away due to their own belief systems.

Brunson asks “What happens when a law is passed that no one will obey?” Good question? I can’t personally say that I know anyone who stopped gambling when the law was passed, a lot of talk sure has gone on about which credit cards work, and which don’t. “You’ve turned one-third of the nation into criminals overnight!”

Brunson’s article in the CP magazine goes on to call the insertion of UIGEA into the port security bill a “cheap, slimy move”, Well said!

So what does the son of the great Doyle Brunson think should be done with online gambling? “Legalize it, regulate it, and tax it!”, well now there’s a thought. Problem is, taxes just aren’t something our government spends much time thinking about, it would appear.

All in all, Brunson does a great job of smashing every logical excuse for the UIGEA to bits, making the point that the idea of closing down online poker rooms, online casinos, and other online gambling locales to keep our money out of the hands of terrorists, because gambling sites ‘could be used to fund terrorism’ “is one of the stupidest rationales I [Todd Brunson] have ever heard. Brunson goes on … “This is one of the stupidest rationales I have ever heard. On those grounds, the government had better hurry and ban all free trade, because any business could be used to fund terrorism! That would include charities and nonprofit organizations, as well.”

Brunson continues on to point out that the funding now received by unregulated gambling operations goes, wherever it goes, however, were the government curious, or interested in keeping track of that money, so that we might know whether or not it did indeed fund terrorism, regulation could likely be a step in that direction. Not to mention, the addition of .. did we say it.. taxes!

Brunson suggests that we open the US to online gambling, we enforce taxes which many online gambling operations have already explained they would be more than happy to pay! We invite them to say Nevada, who can rake in some of that tax money with the regulation of online gambling.

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