The First RGPS Baltimore $1,100 Main Event Earns Ari Katz $47,724

Horseshoe Baltimore hosted the first Baltimore RunGood Poker Series $1,100 Main Event. It featured 195 players and a $200,000 prize pool that only 23 entrants shared.

Ari Katz reached the final table and eliminated all his opponents to bag the $47,724 top prize and the first RGPS Main Event title. He was Day 1’s stack leader, as many entrants couldn’t keep up with his constant pressure. The champion beat James St. Hilaire in the tournament’s last hand.

Some of the talented players in the tournament included Timothy Little, Christian Harder, Ben Ludlow, Dan Lowery, Anna Antimony, and Chris Conrad.

The Top Payouts

  1. Ari Katz from the U.S.-$47,724
  2. James St. Hilaire from the U.S.-$31,816
  3. Timothy Little from the U.S.-$23,283
  4. Aaron Pinson from the U.S.-$17,269
  5. Thomas Barry from the U.S.-$12,984
  6. James Sloat from the U.S.-$9,898
  7. Ryan Brown from the U.S.-$7,652
  8. Jay Jin from the U.S.-$6,000

How Things Unfolded on the Final Day

Only 23 entrants advanced to the final day, and its action kicked off slowly. Tim Faro left the tournament in the 23rd position after Katz collected his chips.

Aaron Pinson eliminated a few opponents and was second on the leaderboard when the eight-handed final table was set. Several eliminations occurred when blinds were at the 10,000/20,000/20,000 level. Thomas Barry’s flush dominated Alvin Anton’s flopped two pair, sending him packing in tenth place.

Katz ended Z Stein’s run in ninth place after his pocket kings defeated his opponent’s ace-nine on preflop. The flop revealed a king that killed Stein’s dream to win the title.

St. Hilaire’s pocket fives dominated Jay Jin’s king-queen and busted him in the eighth position. Still, the former’s king-four beat Ryan Brown’s pocket eights, sending him packing in seventh place. A king earned him the crucial chip lead, but the board didn’t help Brown.

Katz sent James Sloat and Thomas Barry packing in sixth and fifth place, respectively. St. Hilaire doubled up Pinson after using pocket aces to move in a preflop against his king-ten. The latter had several big blinds left and later got them in against the former.

St. Hilaire’s jack-ten beat Pinson’s jack-four and busted him in fourth place. Timothy Little had steadily grown his stack after shoving a few hands. However, St. Hilaire called and put him in a tricky position.

Little’s ace-king clashed with St. Hilaire’s inferior ace-ten. But the flop revealed a ten that sent Little packing in third place after he failed to improve.

Katz and St.Hilaire couldn’t make a chop deal, and a fierce heads-up battle for the blinds kicked off. The duo took part in a big pot after St. Hilaire used pocket aces to make a three-bet preflop while Katz used seven-eight of clubs to flop.

The latter got a flush after placing a huge wager on the turn before the former called. St. Hilaire used overpair to call before Katz sent him home as the runner-up with $31,816.

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