Suspects Sentenced in Email Hacking Plot Against Joe Sebok

Joe SebokBack in late 2010, two men were accused of accessing former poker pro (and UB representative) Joe Sebok’s email account, illegally, and taking information from emails in the account. The two men, Tyler Schrier and Keith James Hudson, accessed the information, which included intimate photographs and threatened to post the items online unless the poker pro as well as others, whose information was stolen, paid several hundred thousand dollars. The two men were eventually identified and have now been sentenced for their actions.

The case began around the fall of 2010 and by November Sebok and other victims had yet to make a payment so Schrier had sent an email of a nude Sebok to one hundred people. This was very harmful to Sebok, who stated in US District Court, that his and the other victims lives were altered and shattered in ways that are now “irreparable.” Sebok stated that once the information went public, his life was instantly damage and his ability to sustain his livelihood has been damaged.

Sebok told Judge James Otero:

“In short, I was no longer able to maintain my then-current level of participation in the poker industry, representing the brands that I had been previously, as well as greatly destroying my ability to do so with new companies moving forward. Without belaboring the point too much, it was a nightmare, and one that I was forced to live through with millions of people watching.”

The two men have now been sentenced for the crimes they committed. Schrier is just twenty-three years old and will face 42 months in prison for pleading guilty to the charges of extortion, conspiracy as well as unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information. With the information that Schrier was able to obtain, he was also able to steal money from accessing online poker accounts.

Hudson is thirty nine years of age and has received just two years in prison for pleading guilty to charges of hacking into the email account, as well as stealing the photographs and his part in the extortion plan against Sebok and others. There is a third party in this case, Ryder Finney age twenty-two. Finney had already pled guilty and faces conspiracy charges which he will be sentenced for sometime this year.

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