Strange Going’s On in the Poker World Today

apToday has proven to be an interesting day in the wonderful world of Online Poker. First we lost the echeck options for both Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars from the United States, and now both Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker seem to be having ‘technical difficulties’.

Neither poker site is available to players. Ultimate Bet’s website is loading super slow, and Absolute’s website seems to be having major technical difficulties. We’ve emailed press personnel and are awaiting their response.  Again we have no word as to whether there is any relation to all of these strange occurrences and the UIGEA or not, thus far, it’s just a strange day in the poker world.

Players are still able to play poker at both Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker, the trouble seems to just be in moving the money. In fact, there’s more… there are reports of PokerStars checks not going through at banks, in fact, check holders that contacted stars about the problem were reportedly asked not to attempt to cash the checks again until further notice.

On a happy note, in the past when this sort of thing has happened, bankrolls grew.

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  1. Heres whats wrong with UB and AP; they changed banks over the last few weeks, and as a result, checks sent out during a certain period have NO FUNDS attached to them. NO FUNDS. UB has since reimbursed me on my poker account, but that doesnt help me that much since i’ve already cashed the checks. I have been assured by UB’s support team that no fee will be charged to me, but now im still gonna have to deal with my bank. Its un-f***ing believable how UB can screw up like this, given their past history. I feel so wronged, i dont know what to do.

  2. AP said they will cover all overdraft’s issued by my bank and allow for free bankwire to get my money back. I think this is very, very sad. This is not how to do business. It is the last time I ever allow myself to play poker at AP. Not only are the beats just too unreal compared to other sites, but now they have cost me financally (even though they claim to reimburse).

  3. I feel the same way Jim, thats what they said to me as well. Wouldn’t you think that in light of all that has happened with the company in the last few years, they would double and triple-check everything to make sure that something like this didnt happen?

  4. Not surprising and worrying to me. I was in the middle of this once before when they started bouncing checks. They are just getting chased around and switching banks. They bounced one to me for $150 once and they sent me the fees plus an extra 150 so i was pretty happy.

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