Step up your Poker Game with Absolute Poker’s STEP Tournaments

Absolute Poker is one of the online poker rooms that offer their players STEP tournaments which are a way for players to earn seats to major land based tournaments like the 2009 WSOP. The special aspect of STEP tournaments is the fact that they begin with a low buy-in so players can begin competing for a low amount of cash. Absolute Poker offers STEP tournaments beginning at just ten cents, which anyone can afford.

Win Your Way into the WSOP with Absolute Poker’s Step Tournaments!

Absolute Poker’s STEP tournaments have ten steps with the final step offering the seat to the land based event. Players can begin on the first step for just ten cents and then work their way up the ten steps to the final. Players must finish the first step before moving on the next and so on.

The STEP tournaments are a type of Sit-n-Go tournament and each tournament consists of ten STEPS, which equals ten individual Sit-n-Go tournaments. As each STEP tournament advances the buy-ins increase.

Each STEP tournament sees the first two winners advancing to the next step without having to pay the buy-in.  For example, a WSOP hopefull buys into the first Step, and  the first two winners of the STEP 1 then move on to STEP 2 without having to pay the buy-in and the first two winners of STEP 2 move on to STEP 3 and so on.
Now here’s where it gets interesting. The third and fourth place finishers of STEP 1 get back into STEP 1 for free. So as long as you can finish in the top four, you don’t lose.

Once you get to STEP 2,  which you can buy into directly for .30 (thirty cents), you can either win your way to STEP 3 by finishing in first or second, or retry STEP 2 again by finishing in third, or if your game is a little lax, or you suffer a bad beat, you can win your way back to STEP 1 by winning fourth place. At the very least, you win a nickle (Half up on your next STEP 1) by placing in fifth place.

This advancement will continue until players reach STEP 10 and the winner earns the seat to the land based tournament that Absolute Poker is offering, right now that tournament is of course the World Series of Poker. Another great aspect of the STEP tournaments is that if you do not make it to the next STEP but you still finish high you will be given the option to replay the STEP instead of having to start over or move down a STEP.

Alternatively, players can opt to take another path during STEP 7 and win their way into a Multi Table tournament with 50 guarenteed WSOP seats on offer.

To begin playing in the Absolute Poker STEPS Tournaments players need to log on to their account at Absolute Poker and clicking on the STEPS Tournament Tab. With such a small buy-in this is a great way to try and earn a seat to a major land event without having to hurt your bank roll. With just a ten dollar deposit you could enter several STEPS tournaments at the ten cent level or move up to the fifty cent level or an even higher level. Its amazing how far just ten dollars will get you at Absolute Poker when you play the STEPS tournaments.

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