Step this way for a free World Series of Poker Seat.

Last year’s WSOP crowd was greeted by record breaking high weather reports. What a break from the spring drizzles! PokerStars is offering online poker players a way to get there for free. With their Steps to the WSOP program.

Players can either use their Frequent Player Points, and get into the big game for free, or buy into satellites at the level (or step) that they feel is the appropriate level for them. Entry into FPP satellites is available for 500 frequent player points.

The first step tournament is available for less than $8 on PokerStars. The first and second place finishers move onto the next step, the player that finishes in third place is given another chance, he’ll win a free seat in a future step 1 tournament. Players finishing in fourth place at a step one World Series satellite will win a buck fifty that can be used to earn more FPP points, and take another shot at the win.

It takes 12 steps to successfully complete an AA program, it takes half as many to make your way into the most popular poker tournament in the world. That’s it. If you can successfully finish in 6 online poker tournaments, you can win your way to the 2008 WSOP.

Let’s just say you fail. You make it all the way to the sixth step, you bomb via bad beat on the last hand, and you take second. You just won $1500, played 6 poker tournaments, all for the cost of 500 points. Not to bad, there’s probably worse ways to get practice hands in.

Players interested in sponsorship at the world series from PokerStars should download PokerStars Software HERE, and register for a free poker player account and begin earning FPP points by playing at ring table games.

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