State Lotteries Speak out against Federal iGaming Ban

DE gamblingOnline gambling is a hot topic of debate in the US with those who are for the option and those who are against constantly going back and forth. Making the headlines as of late is the discussion of a proposed federal ban on online gambling. Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware already offer online gambling or poker options and a ban would affect the new market as well as affect those states who are interested in getting started with iGaming. Just recently, CardPlayer reported that state lottery officials in the US have now shown their disinterest in a federal online gambling ban.

The Coalition for Consumer and Online Protection is a group that is working to stop Sheldon Adelson, the Las Vegas Sands Owner, campaign to stop online gambling options in the US. A recent op-ed was penned by three directors of the lottery in three different states, discussing why they are not in agreement with a nationwide ban. Jeff Anderson (Idaho Lottery Director), Stephen Martino (Maryland Lottery Director and Gaming Control Agency Director) and Charles McIntyre, (New Hampshire Lottery Executive Director), wrote the piece which focused on why the lottery would not benefit from a nationwide ban.

In the report, the Directors stated that they are united in the belief that the decision of online gambling should not be a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The Directors believe that for Congress to pass a nationwide ban would be a ‘devastating blow’ to the lotteries as well as to those who would be impacted by contributions from the lottery.

Lotteries now have the option of selling tickets online thanks to the decision to change the Wire Act by the DOJ. Minnesota and Illinois already offer online lottery ticket sales and other states are interested in going online as well. Adelson is pouring tons of money into a campaign to overturn the decision to reinterpret the old Wire Act and ban gambling from taking place online.

The Directors continue to argue their point by stating the last year, the 44 state lotteries in the US were able to raise more than $20 billion for good causes. Without this money, government and education programs would not be able to offer the opportunities to the less fortunate or for community benefits. Another organization connected to the lottery that is also against the efforts of Adelson is the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, which has also stated they are not in favor of a nationwide ban.


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