Security Issues Cause Yahoo! To Shut Down Online Poker Gaming

DE gamblingLess than a month after we brought you the news that Yahoo! would be offering online poker gaming, the company has now decided to shut down their new online poker offering. According to a report at Forbes, Yahoo has announced the online poker site of the company will be shut down as of the 31st of December.

The company will no longer be offering the game of Texas Hold’em due to changes in the supporting technologies of the game as well as the increased security requirements needed for the Yahoo web pages. These needs have left the game ‘incompatible, insecure and no longer functioning correctly’ as according to Yahoo.

Yahoo began their foray in online poker gaming by advertising the option on the fantasy football pages and planned on offering additional Texas Hold’em gaming in the future. However, as for now, the plans are to shut down the poker gaming completely. The company does mention working on new online games that will include additional security measures and could include Texas Hold’em in the mix. If a new game is launched, Yahoo has mentioned that the poker game would be free to play and have boosts that can be purchased for additional upgrades such as with other popular games.

The one month time frame of operation is very short when considering the amount of time and effort the company placed on advertising and creation of the Texas Hold’em gaming. It will be interesting to see if the company will make the needed changes in security to be able to provide this type of gaming once again or if their foray into online poker gaming was just short lived.

Players will of course want a secure environment in which to play but also prizes or some type of reward as well. Yahoo has yet to state if they will be providing prizes if the online poker option comes back in the future.


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