SealsWithClubs Offline Due to Suspected DDoS Attack

SealsWithClubsThe US-friendly Bitcoin online poker room known as SealsWithClubs has been offline for nearly 24 hours.   The downtime was not scheduled.  It is due to a Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS), according to a representative with the company.

SealsWithClubs went offline early Thursday night in the Pacific Time Zone.  This is not the first time the poker room has been temporarily knocked offline by DDoS attacks.  Due to a previous attack, SealsWithClubs uses the security software Cloudflare, which does not seem to be preventing this attack.  Cloudflare claims that blocking Denial of Service attacks is one of their software’s uses.

According to representatives, this attack has not created any issues with Bitcoin stored with the company.  All Bitcoin deposits are safe and there has not been a security breach.  This attack only affects the game server’s ability to function.  SealsWithclubs does not have an estimated time that this will be resolved.

Any player that was in a cash game or tournament when the server went down should email [email protected] and explain their situation to support.  This will get the refund process started.

A DDoS attack is often referred to as a Denial of Service attack.  This occurs when a rogue group intentionally sends large amounts of automated requests to a company’s server in an attempt to overload it.  If successful, it will take a website or server offline and make it inaccessible to legitimate traffic and requests.  This has been common in the gaming landscape where sometimes people demand bribes to stop the acts or simply want to revenge a company through a personal vendetta.

Potential Bitcoin Regulation

In somewhat related Bitcoin news, the US Treasury Department has decided that Bitcoin needs to be regulated in the same way other currencies are.  This means little to people using Bitcoin or any other virtual currency for small purchases.  It does affect Bitcoin merchants and processors that accept US customers and process large amounts of Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals.  This could make the now anonymous currency less anonymous in the near future.

If you’re looking for additional information on BTC’s, check out our new Bitcoin gambling page.

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