Scotty Nguyen Apologizes For Drunken belligerent Poker Play at $50,000 HORSE event at the World Series of Poker.

“Where the **** are the ******* cocktails!?” – Scotty Nguyen

Fourteen hours is an enormous test of endurance for a tournament poker player. Imagine yourself battling it out, table after table, building your chip-stack, your table image, and holding it all together for hour upon hour. A poker player is said to have to options, make the right decision under a tremendous amount of pressure, or go home early.

Now let’s look at the game of H.O.R.S.E. Take this back to the cowboy days if you will. In the worldof poker, you are not a pro, you are not an old timer, you’re not a cowboy until you’ve broken the horse.

H.O.R.S.E stands for Holdem, Omaha, Razz, Studd, and Eight or better. Five of the most challenging poker games, all wrapped up into one tournament. That’s what this years WSOP $50,000.00 horse contenders were up against. The best of the best, in one of the biggest high stakes poker matches there are, at the most prestigious poker event of the year.

It looks like the pressure might have gotten to a few of pro poker players, Scotty Nguyen a bit more than others, add all the pressure outlined above, plus the fact that his beer was apparently not being delivered in a timely manner, the Poker World was treated to less than the classy behavior we’re used to seeing from the man known to many as the prince of poker.

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Amanda Leatherman from Poker News interviewed Micheal DeMichele, who came in second place against a really tough field, he went heads up against Scotty with a short stack, he missed.

DeMichelle explained that he had rubbed Eric Linden and Scotty Ngyuen the wrong way by playing into the audience a bit, DeMichelle apologized, he told Scotty he wanted to conduct hmself in a professional manner at the poker table, and said that he wasn’t going to do it again. But Scotty who’d had a bit much to drink didn’t let it go there.

“Enough is enough man, we play this game we wait for ******* cocktail!”

In fact, at one point, during his drunken poker play, Scotty, who was never warned for language, and received no penalties, picked cards up off the table, and showed them to the audience while in a hand.

“It’s no fun when Scotty Got the Gun Baby!” Scotty slurred to another player after beating him in a hand.

“When I did the interview with him, he was falling down a little bit – but he’s a good guy” explained Amanda Leatherman.

Nut Nut BABAY! Scotty yelled into the crowd, the crowd yelled back, “Nut Nut BABAY – What What BAYBAY”

The blunt of Scotty’s outburst was taken by DeMichelle, however he did have his moment with Eric Lindgren, who told Scotty that he was not on his team, never had been. On his way out, he said “I Hope the kid wins” in reference to DeMichelle – 23 year old professional poker player.

Scotty made a public apology for his drunken behavior during the event, which he posted on poker forums, in his apology Nguyen explained that the tournament was 14 hours long, but asked the fans to keep in mind that the cut edited for television was only 2 hours long, with of course the most entertaining [drunken] moments included.

This tournament was too important for me, the trophy, the fifth bracelet, and history, my head was zoned in for this event, and for that time, I forgot the fans were watching me. I said things I shouldn’t have said that have disappointed you, and I apologize for my actions. Scotty said to fans in his apology.

The tournament was played in the honor of Chip Reese, Scotty Nguyen eventually won the tournament, 2 million dollars and a Chip Reese Trophy.

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