Rick Salomon Beats Brandon Steven in High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 11

Rick Salomon Beats Brandon Steven in High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 11

Rick Salomon Beats Brandon Steven in High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 11

PokerGO held High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 11 on Monday. It featured top players like Brandon Steven, Rick Salomon, Bobo Chann, Nick Schulman, Jean-Robert Bellande, Rob Yang, and Justin Gavri. The poker show had many bluffs and huge pots.

The Episode’s Starting Stacks

Rob Yong-$545,000
Rick Salomon-$416,000
Jean-Robert Bellande-$403,600
Bobo Chann-$346,400
Brandon Steven-$219,400
Justin Gavri-$98,000
Jennifer Tilly-$16,800

The Show’s First Big Pot

Yong used A?Q? to kick off the episode from early position to $1,000. Chann had 8?6? and Steven held 6?2? that they used to call in position. Still, Salomon joined them with 7?5? in the small blind.

Bellande used 9?2? to place a $11,000 three-bet before Chann folded. The flop turned 2?9?K? as the nine-deuce dominated. Salomon checked prompting Bellande to use two pair to wager $50,000.

Steven made a baby flush draw flop and nothing changed after the 3? landed on the turn. However, Bellande placed a $158,000 bet and the flush draw exited the pot after he missed any action.

Bellande used K?10? to wager $50,000 in the $82,000 pot after a 10?6?6? flop occurred. Salomon used top pair with 10?7? to make a $150,000 raise forcing Jennifer Tilly to fold a straight draw.

The latter lost numerous pots in Episode 10. But she rebought $200,000 to increase her stack early in Episode 11.
Yong used A?K? to make a $4,000 raise and Tilly used A?K? to place a $41,600 three-bet. The former made a $197,000 all-in move before the latter laid her hand.

Salomon used J?J? to call the K?7?2?5?6? board while Steven used a missed flush draw to try a $50,000 bluff. The former wagered $20,000 before clashing with Tilly’s nut straight on the K?Q?10?A?A? board. Chann folded the river’s Jx after missing the pot.

Bellande placed a $40,000 bet instead of a 9?8?A? flop. His move influenced Steven and Tilly to fold with a small pocket pair. Still, Bellande used 9?8? to face Salomon’s $50,000 wager on the 2?8?K?K?8? board.

The Set-Over-Set Scenario

The 45-minute episode thrilled spectators but the final hand had a slow pace. It kicked off with four straddles and Salomon’s $6,400 was the biggest. Tilly used 10?7? to make a button call, Steven held 3?3? and Bobo used A?K? to increase it to $30,000.

Even so, Salomon, Tilly, and Steven used 5?5? to call. The pot had $121,900 during the 5?3?J? flop hence forming a set-over-set scenario.

Salomon wagered $42,000 using the middle set and Steven used the bottom set to call. The duo folded after several minutes.

The 6? landed on the turn before Steven checked. He later went all-in to make a $90,000 to $142,000 check-raise hence making a one-outer draw.

Salomon won the $490,500 pot after the river bricked.it is among the season’s largest pots. PokerGO will air High Stakes Poker Season 11 Episode 12 on November at 5 p.m. PT.

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