Police looking for more information on Poker Game Homicide

Police are using the help of Crime Stoppers in the hopes that more information will be found on a recent homicide. A man was killed at his home during a poker game when an armed robber tried to invade his home.

Poker MurderPolice stated that the man, Jack Diamond, was throwing a poker party in his home, which was not unusual. Diamond lives in South Nashville and was throwing his usual poker party on September 10th when one of his guests arrived. As he opened the door a masked robber appeared and approached the party guest.

Diamond looked on his video surveillance camera and saw that his friend was being robbed outside of his home. So Diamond grabbed his gun and went toward the front door. He fired a warning shot in the air to scare the robber and the suspect turned and then fired his rifle at Diamond. Several shots were fired before the suspect ran off.

Diamond was hit and passed away in his doorway. Corey Wall of the Metro Nashville Police Department commented: “It’s important to get the killer off the street, because he went from a crime of robbery in which he was getting full cooperation to a murder in the blink of an eye.”

Police are now seeking help since it has been several months since the attempted robbery and homicide took place. Anyone with information is asked to call the local Crime Stoppers in Nashville with any information they may have.

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