PokerStars Increases Average Chest Value to 58 Percent

pokerstars chest

One of the licensed poker operators in the US has changed the value of every chest every time a player opens one. PokerStars has trademark rewards chests that, when players pick and open, get a random reward. According to the operator, the reward’s value has increased from 20 percent to 58 percent.

If a player is in a specific level, say level one, they have a better chance of receiving at least the average value of level one‘s reward upon opening a chest. For example, players at level one have a chance at opening a blue chest.

Initially, the value of this chest was between $0.25 and $5. Today, the value is between $0.36 and $6. The new chests are already available across all U.S. poker rooms, including PokerStars Michigan, PokerStars New Jersey, and PokerStars Pennsylvania.

Although the increase looks small, it is a 20 percent bump for players at level one. Besides, there are slight changes on other levels through six.

How New Chests Will Look Like

PokerStars poker rooms have six levels, each with a specific chest color. The operator has modified each of the reward’s levels as follows:

Level 1: as illustrated above.
Level 2: bronze chest from $0.60- $12 to $0.72- $12
Level 3: Silver chest from $1.50- $30 to $1.80- $30
Level 4: Gold chest from $5-$100 to $6- $100
Level 5: Diamond chest from $12.50 – $250 to $15- $250
Level 6: Black chest from $35-$700 to $42- $700

Most changes are seen on the lower side of the spectrum, whereby the smallest reward a player can get is better than the previous. Another change is the frequency at which a chest’s value will appear. Earlier, the highest chest value for any level would appear ten times in 1000 rounds.

With new changes, the highest chest value will appear once in 1000. Other frequencies have also been scaled down except for the silver chest, whose frequencies have increased from 100 to 530 in 1000.

Why the New Changes?

PokerStars has stated their need to make the above changes is to improve players’ experience. The changes came back in March, but the operator was silent about them until recently. The operator explained that it was easier for players to unlock the highest valued chest.

But, this meant opening low-value chests in a row leading to dissatisfaction among players. The new system will see to it that players get the average chest value half of the time. Thus, professional players and once in a while players will have a chance to open a high-value chest, unlike before.

More About the Chest Reward System

PokerStars has a system where it rewards players with points for playing any of their products. These include poker, casino, or a sportsbook. By playing any of these, players get points that fill the length of a bar situated somewhere on the platform.

Every time a player fills the progress bar, they get a chance to open a chest, depending on their level. Each level has ten chests which means you have to open ten chests before moving to the next level.

The rewards inside a chest vary depending on which PokerStars product you are using. For poker players, get cash bonuses, tournament tickets, or any other depending on a random generator system.


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