Pokerstars Employs Cut-Throat Marketing Strategy, Sets new Guinness Record

The largest online poker site in the entire world set a new record today, holding a Texas Holdem tournament with 65,000 online poker players in attendance.

The ironic thing is that Pokerstars already held the Guinness book of world record title for the largest ever online poker tournament. In an interesting turn of events however, Full Tilt Poker set out to break PokerStars record, holding a $5 buy in poker tournament as a part of their 5th birthday celebration.

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Full Tilt made a crucial mistake however; capping the tournament at 50,000 players, and leaving an opportunity open for PokerStars. Pokerstars in a cut-thPokerstarsGuinnessroat marketing move, scheduled another tournament, for the same day, capping THEIR player list at 65,000 players.

The tournament on Pokerstars began at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Players each paid $1.00 to enter (Pokerstars waived the usual .10 tournament fee for a dollar tournament). Players battled it out at the tables for their share of a $130,000.00 guaranteed prize pool, that obviously includes a $70,000.00 overlay kicked in by Pokerstars.

Within the first half hour of the tournament nearly 10,000 players had already been knocked out! By the end of the first hour, nearly half the field was cleared.

Five hours into the tournament, six hundred players remained, at this point, each of the players were guaranteed to cash for at least $5.00. Qwwd9999 of Ningbo held the chip lead with more than million three hundred thousand in tournament chips, in second place metronome Lykkeland with nearly 900,000 in tournament chips.

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Playing the shortstack at the end of the 5th hour was e’_memiu of San Pablo with 79202 in tournament chips.

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Going into the 7th hour of play, Qwwd9999 held onto the chip lead, holding  5,295,569 in tournament chips when the players took their 6th break of the tournament.  Trailing in second place at this point in the game was dartjanne666 of Varberg with 3,825,669 in chips. 122 online poker players remained, on 14 pokerstars poker tables.

Qwwd9999 was employing a very aggressive strategy that allowed him to scoop quite a few small pots, however, at this point he seemed to be having some trouble letting go of hands. He raised each and every hand.. which was working both as an advantage and a disadvantage. Given his chipstack Qwwd9999 could put many of the players all in just by doubling the blinds, he seemed to be bleeding of chips pretty quickly though.  About 15 minutes after the players had returned from break Qwwd9qwwd-donks999 had bled his chipstack down to 4312623.

About 20 minutes after break, a new player took the chiplead dartjanne666 formerly the second place chipleader moved into the lead with 4851138 in tournament chips. As she took the lead, the chat window where she was playing blew up. Online poker fans discussed every hand, said hello to one another, and participated in some gold old fashioned poker pan handling.

Qwwwd999 doubled up another player, Benjilutz with K3 against Benjilutz’s AT, just before donking off most of his stack to mr.green7706 in a hand where qwwwd999 raised 150k preflop. mr.green7706 reraised to 300k, qwwd999 made the call. As had been his strategy in many other hands, Qwwd999 shoved on the flop, mr.green7706 insta-called with pocket 99. Qwwd999 showed an unimproved 8T offsuit, his hand remained unimproved and he finished the hand with just a little over a million in remaining tournament chips.

A few moments later … mr.green7706 was the new PokerStars Guinness World Record tournament chip leader with 8616180 in tournament chips.

Just before the break, when the ante’s alone were $15,625 per player, totalling 125k dartjanne666 made a move betting twice the big blind which was 125k. Including her bet, the pot totalled 562,500. The flop came 7c 3c 9d, dartjanne666 bet out 375k, Gezuar made the call.

The turn was the four of hearts.

The river was the nine of spades.

Gezuar bet 250k on the river, dartjanne666 raised another 250 on top, Gezuar called, and dartjanne666 showed Qs9G, for three nines. Gezuar mucked his hand and dartjanne666 became the new chip leader.Her lead was short lived however, going into break a new chipleader was born, caska_127 led with 8828758 in tournament chips. 004license was in second place with 6878661 in chips.

In the end, 004_licesne comes from behind, taking it down, winning $13,000 in real money from their $1.00 investment.

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