PokerNews Could Soon Be Acquired by PokerStars

According to a recent article posted by Poker Listings, online poker media outlet,, could soon be acquired by PokerStars. PokerNews has struggled for over a year now, since the Black Friday incident. The media outlet has cut staff and accepted advertising below cost from below average services to try and pull themselves back up in the industry.

PokerNews is considered one of the largest and reliable poker media sites online today and it would make perfect sense for PokerStars to take over the site. PokerStars is working hard to strengthen their spot at the largest online poker room in the world and this would further their position.

Both PokerStars and PokerNews have worked together closely over the past few years and the relationship has only gotten stronger. PokerStars Blog has posted PokerNews live updates for some time now and PokerStars is highly featured at the online news site.

According to the article at Poker Listings, PokerNews took a major hit when the Department of Justice handed down indictments to the top online poker rooms in the world, which included PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and Absolute Poker. PokerNews has cut their full time positions and hired cheaper reporters who had less experience in the field of reporting. The site also accepted advertising money from sources that have been questionable in the eyes of the industry.

Poker Listings reported that the best example of the site having troubles was when Eric Ramsey was laid off. Ramsey is considered an excellent reporter and photographer who had worked with PokerNews for many years. Ramsey was told that he was laid off because the company could not afford the position.

The site also featured a banner for the site, which is not the best site to be advertising for. The Ashley Madison site is a dating site that allows spouses to find someone to cheat with. This clearly shows that the site was struggling if they would take this type of site on as an advertising partner.

If PokerStars takes over PokerNews, it will not be the first time the online poker room has acquired a poker media outlet. Just last year, PokerStars acquired and now the PokerPages website features only PokerStars banners. The site also uses PokerStars blog freelancers to produce content on the site.

Many in the industry are now discussing PokerStars and mentioning the word monopoly. Currently, PokerStars holds the largest share of the market when it comes to poker and when it comes to Public Relations and marketing, they are the top producer. With PokerStars possibly taking on Full Tilt Poker and then PokerNews, PokerStars will have a further stronghold on the market.

If PokerNews is taken over by PokerStars, there is potential that the news site would become bias. However, generally, the poker community trusts PokerStars. The online poker room has shown that they work for the players. They are the only site that has survived the Black Friday incident and they also paid back their customers which is a big plus.

It is important for PokerStars to remain upfront in the industry. They should continue to be a trusted and respected online poker site and offer the features and same service as always. If they do, the site will continue to be the best in the business.

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