Poker Stars WCOOP Finale: The Rumors Fly

WCOOPIt’s not uncommon for the ending of a major poker event to cause bad blood between the opposition, some have even gone so far as to start rumors regarding the integrity of the poker tournament champions win. However, once the World Championship of Online-Poker (WCOOP), hosted by PokerStars, reached it’s end, naming TheV0id victor, the rumors began to fly.

It is not yet clear who is responsible for these rumors, nor is there any corroboration as to the accuracy of the claims. With that in mind…

It has been spread throughout various forums that TheV0id is under investigation by Poker Stars for multi-accounting. Apparently the person behind the username is believed to be the sister of Mark Teltscher, and according to the rumors, both TheV0id and Teltscher played in the WCOOP under the same IP.

An extensive thread on the 2+2 forum (a public poker forum where many threads about bots and cheating in poker on the internet have popped up recently) aggregated the rumors, first establishing various facts of the issue, but quickly diverts into comments more than anything else.

If this turned out to be true – and I’m certainly not saying it is! – but IF it were, the fallout could be tremendous. How would Poker Stars respond and what would happen to TheV0id’s $1,228,331 first place prize?

Next on the rumor-mill is 6th place finisher, nitbuster. It’s being tossed around that nitbuster is actually Josh Arieh. The only basis to the rumor is taken from a comment by Daniel Negreanu during the WCOOP web cast where he allegedly called nitbuster “Josh”. Why is this significant? For two reasons: 1) Josh Arieh already owns another account at Poker Stars, which would violate the ‘one account only’ rule, and 2) Josh Arieh is already circumspect for collusion at Poker Stars, and is (here it comes again) rumored to have received an under-the-table suspension from playing at the online poker room.

No comments have come from Poker Stars yet regarding these speculations, and with no real basis or names to back them up, perhaps they will dissipate as just that – speculations. We await the ceaseless spinning of the wheel of time, for all shall be revealed… maybe 🙂

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