Poker and Chess? Negreanu and Boeree are Redefining These Games

Ambassadors of PokerStars Daniel Negreanu and Liv Boeree are up to something really interesting! They are about to leave poker behind them and join two professional chess players in an interesting new experimental game. The two people they will face are Daniel Rensch and Jennifer Shahade. Rensch is known for being a content director of IM, while Shahade has the same role at

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The name of the event will be PokerStars Play Chess, is also dubbed as Hand and Brain match. There will be five games that will start on Sunday, October 14 at 1 pm (PDT). If you are an avid chess or poker player, you will be able to follow this interesting encounter at two Twitch channels – and

Another thing that they will wrap up during the live stream is the #MyChessPokerGame Contest for Platinum Pass. The public had a chance to win a Platinum Pass that is worth $30K because of the incorporation of elements of chess and poker.

There were more than seventy submissions and the six best ones were chosen. When the tournament starts on Sunday, with one contestant eliminated after every chess game until there is only one that is left.

Jennifer Shahade is a two-time Champion of the FIDE Woman Grand Master in the US. She stated that she and her colleague would be the brains of the operation. They will do all the thinking and announce which piece should be moved on board. The poker stars would be the hands. They will face the opponent and be there to physically move the pieces while listening to Jennifer and Daniel. Jennifer added that this type of play would result in laughter and in some unforeseen consequences. One thing is certain – all of them will have a great time with this experimental play.

Shahade wrote two books on chess and women in this sport – Chess Bitch and Play Like a Girl. She also stated that she was really thrilled to be the one to announce the finalists of My Chess Poker Game. She added that she was blown away by some of the suggestions which made her learn more about the games, their design, and the creativity required to make them. Shadade stated that it was one of her favorite projects and that she couldn’t wait to see who the winner of the Platinum Pass for the Bahamas would be.

Another part of the stream would also include going over the six variants of poker-chess from the six best suggestions and discussing them. This part would be conducted by Shahade and Rensch.

If you like this kind of experiment, join them for playing chess and selecting the winner of the competition. Who knows – maybe one of the suggested combo games catches on and becomes the next big thing in the world.

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